Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – Toning Abdominal Muscles Using Power Tower

Getting ripped abs or strengthened core muscles is probably the top reason why many people go to gyms and fitness centers. There are quite a few who believe that just by doing sit-ups and crunches, they can already achieve their desired goals. But studies show that these exercises target only one section of the core. Six major muscles of the abdomen should be exercised in order to get a perfectly shaped abs.

Fortunately, there are machines designed to help you get a more effective workout for these muscles. In gyms, there is a wide range of abdominal exercise equipment to choose from. But, if you have no time to go to fitness centers to exercise, then you can have your personal set of ab equipment at home. If you want to buy the best home fitness exercise equipment to assist you in these workouts, then you might consider purchasing a Power Tower.

The Power Tower, sometimes referred to as Vertical Knee Raise Station or Captain’s Chair, is now one of the commonly used home fitness exercise equipment.  It became a popular home alternative exercise equipment for gym-goers.  This affordable exercise machine offers a variety of upper exercises for keeping the body in shape and toned.  It does not only tighten your abs but also defines your upper body muscles like the biceps, triceps, chest and the back.

With this home fitness exercise equipment, full workout is done through combining leg raises, pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups and ab-tightening exercises.  The best thing about the Power Tower is that you would not experience body pain as much as you would with similar equipment. With its comfortable back pads and arm supports, the possibility of straining lower back is also eliminated, making it a great exercise equipment for beginners.

By the brand name itself “Power Tower”, some people might think of it as bulky, heavy and hard to assemble. But the fact is that the Power Tower is a lightweight home fitness exercise machine that can be easily moved from one corner of the house to the other.  Another feature of this machine is that despite the number of things you can do with this machine, this machine does not occupy large space.  Its ceiling height of eight feet is required only if the tower is equipped with the chin-up station.  And with the help of the manual and the tools that come with the package, the Power Tower is easy to use.

Buying your own home fitness exercise equipment like this is a lifetime investment. With this machine, you can already do a lot of exercises without having to pay monthly gym membership. And by having this machine at home, you can use it anytime you want and you are definitely guaranteed of privacy which you could never find in public gyms. You may choose to watch television, talk to a friend on the phone while working out on this machine, and not worry about anyone else listening to you or watching you.

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