This is the Only Home Gym Fitness Equipment You Need – 3 Machines for Your Workout

This is the Only Home Gym Fitness Equipment You Need – 3 Machines for Your Workout

You probably love the idea of having your own exercise equipment home fitness gym, exercising on your own time without needing to leave the house. 

Finally making the commitment to build your home fitness gym is the first step, yet that is just the easier part. 

It can often be easy to get overwhelmed by the wide amount of fitness exercise equipment and discount home gym fitness equipment. 

You might end up not only blowing your budget but also running completely out of space. Find every fitness equipment you want for your home gym in Metairie in our residential section.

Buying too much fitness exercise equipment is one of the biggest mistakes new exercise beginners make when building their exercise equipment home fitness gym; they are often not the best machine choices.

Buying the same type of equipment is another common mistake in these situations. For example, buying cardio machines only or strength training equipment only, and going into that mistake will incredibly limit what you can accomplish.

Even though while buying your exercise equipment such as bike, treadmill, and elliptical you may think that it will be covering all your bases, but you will be only preparing for one type of workout.

You may come up with the questions such as what will you need for your home gym workouts and how much space and money will it take? 

The Best Machines for Any Workout

Stair Climber Machines

Basically a stair climber machine can be seen just like a big, actual, moveable stairs. 

And like any other fitness equipment machine, there are multiple and variable amounts of different brands. 

Stair climber machines come in multiple types that can include their own different names such as stair climber, step mill, StairMaster, stair stepper, stair workout machine, step machine, and step climber. 

As you may have noticed there are a lot of names for this kind of machine as it became one of the fans’ favorites back in the 1980s when it was first introduced, thanks to its low impact nature that combines the ability to increase both endurance and stamina.

Exercising on a Stair Climber machine is similar to being on a slow road to nowhere stair-stepping. 

Most of these machines offer an easy-to-customize workout when it comes to speed and resistance allowing you not to get bored while working out. 

Making use of the right stair climber machine workout will not only leave you dripping in sweat within minutes but will also let you tone and strengthen multiple muscle groups such as hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and booty.

Getting your heart and lungs pumped is an additional benefit.

The Life Fitness GSG Trainer is a Stair Climber Machine designed for any level user with multiple features such as the option to Glide, Stride, or Climb their way into a cardio workout full of fun and intensity that will easily get you in that perfect shape you want. 

This amazing cardio machine was made with Life Fitness durable components aligned with Discover SE3 Console which design was made to offer a unique experience.

Single Station Machines

A single station machine is designed to focus on building specifically in one exercise or body part. 

Single station machines are typically grouped by the part of the body they are targeting. 

It can also be classified by the resistance type and how this resistance is applied to the exercise.

The Single Station machine that is essential to any workout program is grouped in the Chest and Shoulder Machines which are designed to work on specific upper body muscle groups. All you need for this machine is to make minor adjustments for your height, put on the weight and you are good to go. 

That and more is offered by the Powertec Workbench Multipress with isolateral arms.

Core Abdominal Machines

Last but not least. A core abdominal machine as the name implies is a machine designed and focused to work out, in most cases, the muscle groups located in your core such as the rectus abdominis, which is the long, flat muscle that extends vertically between the pubis and ribs. 

The AB Coaster CS3000 is an abdominal machine that will not only provide you with a freestyle motion but will also enable you to do crunches with leg raises that replicate natural spine flexion

Exercise Machines for Home or Gym Workouts

Choosing gym equipment can be a bit tricky, but with the help from Fitness Expo, it surely to be a breeze. Our fitness consultants in Metairie will assist you in selecting ideal equipment for your workout program.