Home Gyms: the Vectra VX-18 vs the Precor 3.15

Home Gyms: the Vectra VX-18 vs the Precor 3.15

When you find it difficult to balance home life, work life and exercise life because there isn’t enough time in the day, cutting out a commute to the gym may be where you find the 20-30 minutes for your workout.

The Vectra VX-18
The Vectra VX-18 has a list of innovative technology that makes your workout more comfortable and more productive than with most other machines. The chest supported row reduces stress to the lower back by isolating all of the back muscles used during the exercise. The Automatic Ratcheting Cam located on the butterfly station gives you the optimal amount of range by allowing you to customize your starting position. The leg press comes with 2 options along with a footplate that allows for a variety of foot positions.

The VX-18 has a weight stack of 210-260lbs, powder coated, machine cast iron with alloy selector shaft and premium selector pin. The frame is constructed of heavy duty welded steel with a powder coat finish. The pulleys have fiberglass reinforced nylon with ball bearing hub and are internally lubricated, clear nylon coated aircraft quality 2000lb tensile strength. The VX-18 is an investment that will last a lifetime and could be passed onto your children.

The Precor 3.15
The Precor 3.15 is a fraction of the price of the VX-18, and doesn’t come with quite as much weight (150lbs standard, 200lb option) but the quality of Precor is in all of its products. The press arms are multi-directional, which allow for a variety of workouts. Because of its smaller size it can fit in a more compact area, but still allows a decent amount of various workouts. It also comes with rubber ended guide rods to muffle the sound of metal against metal.

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