Home Gyms vs. Gym Memberships

Home Gyms vs. Gym Memberships

You’d like to lose some pounds, tone up, and start being healthier. Like many residents in Jackson, MS, you feel like now is the time to take back control of your body and health. But what’s the best way to make sure you stick to your plan?

Home Gyms and Local Gyms Have their Differences

Should you buy a gym membership or start building a collection of home gym equipment that you can conveniently set up in your office, garage or other workout space?

When deciding whether to join a gym or look at workout equipment for home, there are a few key questions you should ask yourself. We’ll go over those questions here – so you can make an informed decision and get to burning calories like a pro in no time!

What will make me excited to work out?

This may seem like an odd question to ask, but it’s crucial.

Whether or not you’re excited to workout will (in large part) determine the success of the first week or two of your workouts. Will you be eager to jump in your car to head to the local gym? Or does powering up your brand-new treadmill, ready to run a few miles in private before dinner sound like a more appealing proposition?

If you’re not enthusiastic at the beginning of a new fitness regimen, you probably never will be. This is one of the big reasons why people don’t stick to their newfound health and fitness resolutions.

Do you have a favorite show you can’t wait to watch every evening? You might get good results from placing a stationary bike in front of a TV, then making a rule for yourself to not watch the show unless you’re on the bike.

Here is one of our favorites for at home workouts: The Horizon Comfort R Recumbent Bike

Do you enjoy a few moments to yourself before everyone wakes up? Going to a membership-based gym might disrupt your few moments of “alone time,” but installing an elliptical in a spare bedroom might allow you to still enjoy the solitude of the morning – even while working out.

Are you energized by challenge? If you like lifting weights and challenging yourself, considering purchasing home gym equipment. Membership-based gyms often only carry one or two sets of free weights; you may need to wait in line for the weights you need, decreasing the amount of time actually spent exercising while at the gym.

Ask yourself what will motivate you to work out, and then investigate whether a home gym or membership gym would be the best fit.

Is what I need or want at a membership gym?

Not every gym has all the equipment you might want.

For example, if you have knee or foot injuries, specific elliptical styles stocked by your local gym could be difficult or aggravating to use. If you have a specific fitness goal or area you’d like to tone, some machines will help you more than others.

Stop by our local Jackson MS Fitness Expo store and our knowledgeable employees can help you find the best machine to fit you. For example, our highly-recommended BH Fitness S2XI Elliptical isn’t at every gym. Nevertheless, it’s known for advanced levels of smooth, magnetic resistance for gradually increasing endurance and muscular tone.

Buying home gym equipment enables you to custom-select every piece of machinery. If you’re serious about long-term results customized to your body, look into exercise equipment for the home that fits your unique needs and goals.

What will work for me in the long term?

We’ve all heard of the “New Years” dilemma: thousands sign up for gym memberships on January 1, but by spring, only a handful continue to go to the gym. What happened?

These people didn’t ask themselves, “What will work for my routine in the long term?”

Things to Consider with a Gym Membership:

Attending a membership-based gym can be challenging. If you’re working out in the morning, you’ll need to pack your work clothes the night before (and maybe some shower toiletries, too).

If you’re working out in the evening, you’ll need to keep clean gym clothes in your gym bag for after work.

If the roads are dangerous, your car is in the shop for maintenance, or you don’t have much time, you might miss your workout.

Some gyms are only open for limited hours; others get busy during peak times, and you may not have a chance to use the machine you want when you show up.

Things to Consider with a Home Gym Equipment Setup:

Working out with home gym equipment, on the other hand, is ideal for busy schedules.

There’s no packing, no extra drive, no hassle to get to the gym before your workout begins.

You save time by not needing to add an extra drive to your day.

You can work out while dinner’s cooking, while kids are finishing their homework, or while catching up on the evening news.

Buying wholesale gym equipment removes your excuses to not work out…

At Fitness Expo Stores, we work to support the everyday fit-conscious individual by supplying quality exercise equipment for the home. We believe everyone should be able to work out daily – even if they also need to watch their kids, cook dinner, or enjoy some alone time in the evening, too. One of our favorite recommendations for easy home workout machines: the Power Plate MY7 Vibration Machine. This piece of home gym equipment helps you relax while toning muscles – it’s the perfect after-work workout.

We also know that gyms can be intimidating. You might feel self-conscious if you’re having a bad hair day or you haven’t been in a while. With a home gym, there’s no judgement.

Where to buy wholesale gym equipment in Jackson

It’s true: we’re strongly biased toward home gyms. However, we know home gyms are one of the most convenient, judgement-free, customizable options for beginning a fitness routine. Stop by one of our stores to find out what home gym equipment would make a great fit for your home gym today!