How Effective Are Resistance-Band Workouts?

How Effective Are Resistance-Band Workouts?

Resistance bands are very versatile and expendable exercise equipment, capable of letting you exercise your arms everywhere you go. If you don’t know what they are, it’s not very complicated- they’re only long elastic bands made so that its user can stretch it back and forth off of a sturdy thing. 

Either way, these elastic bands are quite possibly one of the better pieces of exercise equipment, and here’s why.

Resistance Bands and Their Uses

1.  Cost-Effectiveness

Resistance bands are one of the most cost-effective pieces of exercise equipment available for residential use. 

Whether purchased individually or in a bundle, they are cheap- but reliable- in addition to your home workouts. 

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2.  Exercises the Whole Body

Not very much exercise equipment actually exercises the whole body.  In fact, some of them might only strengthen just one. 

However, with the resistance bands, it is possible to exercise every bit of your body with different positions.

Most resistance bands come with guides with suggested exercises for every part of your body. 

Stepping on one end, the middle of it, or looping it around a stationary thing like a pole would all work and are probably things you would see in one of these guides. 

3.  Replacements for Some Exercises

Most suggested exercises with the resistance bands replace commonplace exercise techniques that would otherwise need some other, more expensive products. 

For example, stepping on one end of it and pulling the other end upwards is a replacement of the standard dumbbell bicep curl. 

4.  Adaptable for All Skill Levels

Resistance bands are designed for ease of use and usually come in three different types of resistance levels- light, medium, or heavy. 

All you have to do to change the resistance is simply give it more or less slack. 

To really ramp up the intensity, you could add more resistance bands. 

5.  Safer Exercises— Even Alone

Usually, when exercising, you would need someone to spot you in case you were lifting a heavyweight and you drop it. 

But in the case of resistance bands, spotters aren’t necessary. 

These products offer strength-training exercises without the risk or fear of dropping a heavyweight on your feet, crushing your fingers between plates, or anything else you can think of. 

This makes them ideal for if you don’t have anyone around to help you out or if you want some quiet exercise time alone. 

6.  Experimentation with Other Equipment

 Resistance bands aren’t confined to just resistance bands- they can also be put into or combined with other pieces of exercise equipment. 

It’s not a bad idea to mix it up by combining with free weights, machines, and of course stuff designed for resistance bands. 

A good idea could be maybe tying the resistance band to a dumbbell and pulling it up and down from the band or maybe even just have a resistance band in one hand and a dumbbell in the other. 

You can mix it with other exercises, especially if you’re targeting arms and shoulders. Grab the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer to combine with your resistance band.  

You can try whatever you want…but don’t hurt yourself.

7.  Portable

These products have the super special ability that no other exercise product has- it’s able to fold down and fit into a small suit/briefcase. 

While other exercise equipment has to be taken in separate bags, the resistance band does not. 

Along with this, there isn’t that much room needed to do the exercises designed for the resistance band- you could do it in the comfort of a small hotel room or a friend’s/relative’s guest room. 

8.  Adds Variety to Your Exercises

 Not many people actually have used one of these pieces of exercise equipment, as they are often overlooked in fitness stores, unavailable at everyday grocers, and are usually not apparent or somewhat hidden away at local gyms. 

However, when you get your hands on one, you’re able to realize that these products work extremely well. 

They are so useful and add several different exercises to your exercising knowledge. 

9.  Get a Truly Effective Workout

Even though they are different products when compared to free weights, both resistance bands and free weights are quite effective. 

If you picture the arc-like motion your arm makes when it does a bicep curl with a dumbbell, you realize that all of the force and strength are being exerted onto lifting the weight. 

But with resistance bands, the force is exerted the further it’s pulled, making it more of an endurance exercise, while still maintaining the body-building aspect of it. 

Where to Get Great Resistance Bands

Check your local gym store for quality bands such as the Spri Braided Xertubes. Choose a band that can last for months or even a year. 

Not all workout gears have to be big and bulky (or intimidating). Sometimes the smallest of equipment can create a great impact on your workout.