How Much are Used Shreveport Treadmills?

How Much are Used Shreveport Treadmills?

Regular exercises are essential for the body mainly due to the modern sedentary working and unhealthy lifestyle. Doing these bring in countless health benefits including heart strength, decreased insulin resistance, weight loss, and so on. 

One of the best methods for people of all ages is using a treadmill. It is proven that running or walking on a treadmill puts less stress on your body compared to running or walking on flat surfaces outdoor. 

Treadmills also provide the option of monitoring blood pressure and heart rate for patients with such complications. This information is essential to indicate what exercise the body can handle and when to stop. It is for these and numerous other reasons that treadmills have become a darling to many. 

However, purchasing a new treadmill which ranges between $1000 and over $4000 can prove to be a substantial financial investment for many individuals. It is for this reason that used treadmills for sale have become very popular in Shreveport. 

Advantages of Used Shreveport Treadmills

The most obvious benefit of buying used treadmills is the amount of money that you can save. They also offer great discounts compared to the cost of a brand new treadmill. For instance, the average price of a well-equipped and designed treadmill is around $3000. On the other hand, despite the varying prices, gently-used and high-quality used treadmills can be obtained with less than $500. One will save around $2500, which is a significant amount which can be used for numerous other purposes. 

There is also an argument from a couple of natural resources department that purchasing used treadmill equipment is greener compared to purchasing new ones. This means that used Shreveport treadmills help in protecting the global environment by helping reduce pollution and the use of natural resources. 


The main disadvantage of buying a used treadmill, just like with any other machine, is the fact that the previous owners might not have given it the care it deserved. This means that it can have some faults which if unchecked, can cause the machine to perform inefficiently or break-down. It is, therefore, imperative that you thoroughly examine the used machines before making the purchase. Take special attention to the motor, belt, and the rear and front rollers to ensure you purchase a used treadmill that is in the best possible condition. 

Another minor disadvantage is the fact that used treadmills despite being in good condition will require more frequent repair and maintenance compared to new machines. This can, however, be alleviated by using the machine well and giving it regular care and maintenance.

How to Buy a Used Treadmill

In order to make a smart purchase, you need to follow these tips when buying a used Shreveport treadmill.

Purchase a Reputable Brand

The low-end treadmills are cheap for a reason and hence, do not get stuck with another person’s wrong purchase. Always buy your used treadmill from a reputable brand such as Fitness Expo Stores for the best quality. 

They have numerous brands and types to choose from all within your budget. You can also compare the prices and get expert advice on where to purchase one for a particular amount. For instance, Fitness Expo Stores have the Horizon Treadmill T202, which costs $599 and the Horizon Adventure 3 Treadmill, which costs $899. 

Ask Questions

Even if you are getting a good price, do not be shy. Ask questions like why the person is selling it? How many previous owners does it have? How often was it used? These questions will help you gauged the condition of the machine. When buying from a store, ask about the warranty and the service records for the machine maintenance. 

Take a Test Run

Again, do not be shy. Go with your running shoes and take the used treadmill for a five or ten-minute spin. This will help you notice any problem with the machine before you purchase it. Be keen on weird and shaky sounds and whistles, incline issues, heart-rate monitor, and so on. Also, look for extensive wear and tear as it can help you bargain the price. 

Where to Purchase Used Treadmills

There are so many people out there who set ambitious New Year’s resolution on weight loss or exercise. They go ahead to kick-start this journey with quality treadmills, but as time goes on, most give up and end up using these machines as clothes and shoe racks. 

Be patient, and keep an eye out on used treadmills in Shreveport from Fitness Expo. You can find them online or in our stores. Contact us today to learn more.