How Much Exercise Is Needed to Get and Stay Fit?

How Much Exercise Is Needed to Get and Stay Fit?

When it comes to exercise, each person has different needs. People who want to get fit and stay that way often ask how much exercise is needed to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits all answer to this question. Learn more about exercising and how to make the most of the time you have.


Talk to a Doctor


The first step is to discuss your exercise regime with your doctor. Some people have not exercised for years, while other exercise occasionally or on a regular basis. Your doctor knows your health history, weight and goals. Ask how often you should be working out and how much time you should be devoting to it. This will help you prevent doing too much, too soon.


A Half Hour Each Day Helps


Many experts recommend working out at least a half hour each day. This is enough time to help boost your metabolism, burn calories and build muscles. However, if you have a goal to be ready for a fitness competition, this answer can be quite different. A half hour is a great goal for beginners, who might be able to do only ten or fifteen minutes when they start to exercise. The key is to build up a little more each day until you reach a half hour.


Time Versus Intensity


There are experts that also indicate the intensity of the exercise is equally important to the amount of time a person exercise. For example, a person doing intense exercise for 15 minutes might burn more calories than someone doing moderate exercise for a half hour. While people are concerned about working out for a longer period of time, they can also focus on boosting their intensity. An example is running a mile in fifteen minutes rather than a half hour. The bottom line is being as active as you can for as long as possible, without getting completely exhausted.


Regular Workouts Matter


If a person works out for an hour, gets tired and doesn’t workout for another week, they are losing the benefits of regular exercise. The same is true if a person does an intense workout that makes them sore for a few days. It takes time and effort to workout longer and with greater intensity. Never push yourself so hard that you feel unable to exercise the next day. Regular workouts are more important than going overboard one day a week. Try to fit exercise time into each day, even if you have to exercise for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night.


Put Exercise Opportunities at Your Fingertips


It is easier to exercise when you have opportunities that are accessible and convenient. Having a home gym makes it possible to exercise every day, no make how unpredictable your schedule might be. The xR6 seated elliptical makes it possible for people of all ages and fitness levels to get a complete body workout. The elliptical is based on the health club model, for the best possible results.