Lifting Weights for Seniors: Tips and Recommendations

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According to the National Health Institute, exercise is the fountain of youth.

As you get older, you may be afraid of weight training or strength due to the risk of injury or lack of confidence.

However, you should still include some form of weight and strength training in your routine.

Seniors who use exercise equipment or home gym equipment for their weight training have proven to slow or even reverse muscle mass loss.

Keeping on muscle mass by using fitness equipment or free weights is essential for a healthy life as you age.

The health benefits of increased muscle mass among seniors who use workout equipment also include increased aerobic capacity, better metabolism, and improved bone and joint health.

How to Start Lifting Weights for Older Adults

We recommend consulting their doctor and having a physical exam before they start any weight training regimen and using exercise equipment.

Once you get approval from your doctor to start strength training, there are many ways to start working out.

You can use a personal trainer, get a gym membership, or even work out at home!

Working out at home is the most convenient way and can be the most cost-friendly over the long term.

You can buy free weights like dumbbells or buy your exercise equipment so you can work out from the convenience of your own home!

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Lifting Weights for Seniors

When you’re first starting your weight training program using workout equipment or home gym equipment, consider starting slow.

Take your time to recognize this is a long-term process and will need consistency.

It often takes six to eight weeks to build muscle and see results from using exercise equipment or home gym equipment.

Don’t be frustrated and stick with the plan early on. For your first few weeks, we recommend starting off with 3 times a week.

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Start with very low weights on your gym equipment as well when starting.

You don’t want an injury to delay you in your strength training. Make sure you have a rest day after every workout.

Once you finish your first 2-3 weeks and your body is reacting, feel free to ramp up your workouts.

Consider ramping up your workouts from 3 to 5 times a week, with rest days layered in between.

Also, consider increasing your weight on your fitness equipment or home gym equipment.

We do not recommend weight training more than 5 times a week as this can overexert your body and make an injury more likely. Listen to your body.

Mastering Strength Training as a Senior

The goal here is to create a consistent and fun workout program using reliable exercise equipment that you can do for years and years.

This is why having the proper technique is what is most important.

If you are using weights benches or free weights, using the proper form can be harder.

Watch YouTube tutorials or ask a personal trainer to watch your form. When starting off, using low weights on your free weights can help you gain proper form as you increase in strength. 

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Using fitness equipment and weight machines (such as a bench press machine) can make it easier for seniors to master proper technique and form. With free weights, you have to have excellent core strength and body control to master form. 

With a weight machine, you can focus solely on the muscle you intend to work out. Using at-home gym equipment can be a great first step to mastering strength training as a senior. 

Remember, working out should be tough and mastering strength training will take some time. But if you take it slow and use proper form, you’ll be building the strength that you’ll need as you grow older in no time!

The Best Strength Exercise For Older Adults

Below are a few of our favorite and most effective strength exercises for older adults! You can do these either at the gym or at home with the proper workout equipment.

  • Bicep Curls: Our recommendation – 3 sets of 8.
  • Body Weight Push Ups: Our recommendation – 3 sets of 10. Feel free to do pushups leaning against a wall.
  • Lunges: Our recommendation – 3 sets of 12.
  • Squats: Our recommendation – 3 sets of 8.

Weight Lifting Made Easy

Starting a strength training program as you age can be intimidating. 

If you follow a consistent guideline, start slow and make sure you maintain great form – you’ll start building muscle mass in no time! 

Remember to consult with a physician before starting a strength-building program. You can start at home as well as using exercise equipment or at-home gym equipment.

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