How To Build A Strong Exercise Routine For A Stronger Heart

How To Build A Strong Exercise Routine For A Stronger Heart

If you want to maintain a healthy routine in your life, you have to start with a strong heart. Your heart is a muscle that can and will affect your activity levels for the rest of your life. It is important to keep your heart healthy and strong. Walking at a brisk pace even for just thirty minutes a day can make all the difference in having a strong heart. The benefits of such exercise can be felt almost immediately. In fact, exercising your heart can help reduce your chance of getting heart disease greatly. Not only that, but exercising helps to burn calories, lower your blood pressure as you make your heart muscle stronger, reduce the bad cholesterol in your body and boost your good cholesterol.


Just Get Started


The most important part of exercising is starting. Determine how fit you truly are, be honest with yourself in the process. Lying to make yourself feel better at this step does nothing to help you and in the end it will only hurt you more. Build up your routine to make yourself stronger. Set goals and work to reach them. Check with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine. It is important to make sure that your heart is strong enough to begin with to start the exercise you want to do to make it even stronger.


Stick With The Basics


Your routine should always have the staples of exercises. Be sure to include aerobic exercises which will include increasing your heart rate and making you breathe harder. It is important to remember that you should be able to do both of these while talking to your partner. If you can’t, then you are pushing too hard. If you have health issues that prevent you from doing this high impact activity, then try a slower hiking program or a swimming routine.



Always remember to stretch. This will help your flexibility and keep you going through your daily routine. Even if you don’t do the routine every day, at least three times a week is important. You should also remember to stretch at the end of your routine as well. Stretching should not hurt, so do it gently.


Try adding a strengthening routine to your exercise. Use weights, resistance bands or your own weight in the form of yoga to do this. Only do this two to three times a week and give your muscles time to recover between each one.


Limit your time to thirty minutes of moderate intensity five times a week. Keep your pace slower at the beginning and end of your routine to give your body a chance to build up and cool down. This is also called warm-up and cool down.


Keep It Interesting and Safe


To keep things interesting and fun, change up your routine from time to time.


Do not overwork yourself. If you feel dizzy or have pain or pressure in your chest, you need to stop your routine immediately and seek medical attention. Your muscles will be sore if you are doing your exercise correctly. This is normal. You should know the difference between a normal soreness and a serious condition.