How To Build Your Own Workout Routine

How To Build Your Own Workout Routine

Working out is a great option whether you’re looking forward to transforming your body or just to kick your training up a notch.

A proper workout routine is essential when it comes to achieving your best physique coupled with maintaining your mood, health, and more often than not, your sanity.

With the proven endless benefits of exercise, it couldn’t be reiterated more—decreased cardiovascular risk, managed stress, improved mood, delayed dementia, eased chronic pain—the list is endless.

Modern life, however, is just so darned busy with longer workdays and commutes, increased demand in home responsibilities, and many other activities that take up most of our time.

How can we squeeze in a workout routine that we can commit to in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life?

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Getting in Shape with an Effective Workout Routine

Let’s lay out a “How to get in shape” guide and consider important aspects including your age, your fitness goals, nutritional strategy, free time, and the like.

Here’s another guide on how to customize your workout routine.

You will get them all here. You can create your own well-designed workout routine to get the fitness results that you’ve wanted for a long time.

Ask yourself these questions while you’re crafting your fitness workout plan:

  • What do you feel towards working out or exercising?

    Thinking about exercising can cause anxiety for some.

    If you’re one of those who feel and think that exercising or working out is a heavy burden, let’s deal with those thoughts and emotions first.

    • Do you feel helpless?
    • Do you feel you do not have any guidance?
    • How do you feel about going to a gym?
    • How do you feel about following through on your fitness goals?
    • What have you learned from experiences in working out

    Dealing with potential barriers to reaching your fitness goals includes reflecting on your feelings and being aware that these may be one of the reasons you are having a hard time reaching your fitness goals.

  • Pin Down Why You Want a Workout Routine

    Workout plans begin with your WHY and writing them down will serve as a reminder when the couching days come.

    Start with your goals like:

    • I want to lose (be specific with your numbers)____ kg off my weight
    • I want to bulk up or build muscle
    • I want to prepare for my first 5K run
    • I want to lower my blood pressure
    • I want to be less anxious and less stressed
    • I want to improve my memory
    • I want to be fit and healthy

    A clear goal of what you are looking to achieve in our workout plan will help you determine how to tailor your exercises or workout routines to meet those goals.

Workout Plans

  • Make up a Workout Plan

    WRITE IT DOWN or TYPE IT and PRINT IT and put it on your wall.

    Consider these essentials when planning out a workout routine:

    1. Your schedule. Add everything you know you need or want to do in your weekly schedule, determine any free time on regular days when you will work out, and be realistic with your preferred time. Block out the time for your workout. Starting with a 15-minute thrice a week workout that you can commit to is better than nothing.
    2. Where will you do it? Is getting a gym membership an option or do you want to do your workout routine at home? Consider your time and budget in this decision.
    3. Experience. A well-fit workout plan considers your skill and comfort level that help rule out certain exercises. Plan accordingly if you need a spotter to guide you or if you are going to work out at home alone with complete safety.
    4. Apps. There are apps in Google Play for Android phones and in App Store for Apple phones that can help you gear towards creating your own workout plan. You can also create your own workout app with this step-by-step guide.Don’t feel like making one? Here are some fitness apps perfect for home workouts.
    5. Warm-up. Always do warm-up exercises. This should be part of your workout routine to get your blood flowing and your muscles warm.
    6. Time, Rest, and Intensity. Use these three variables systematically in your workout plan adjusting as you progress. More specifically described:
      • The amount of time per week (volume)
      • The amount of rest you will have between sessions
      • The intensity of the exercise

      Remember that you are still teaching your brain to do a workout routine so you will change only one variable at a time every two months.

    7. Tracking your progress. What gets measured gets improved. Make sure that you are making progress towards achieving your workout routine goals. This is where the ‘magic’ happens.Keep track of how many reps and sets you complete including the weight you lifted (if this is included in your workout routine) and set a goal to challenge yourself to do better and work harder each day. But, remember not to push too hard.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of options for you to create your own hard-core workout routine whether you are a beginner or a returning fitness enthusiast.

Whatever exercise you choose—aerobics, gymnastics, walking, running, strength workouts, weight-loss workouts—put effort into tailoring them to meet your specific fitness needs and goals.

There’s a workout routine that’s right for you out there waiting to begin.

Make it part of your life moving forward and don’t forget to reward your efforts with something meaningful and enjoyable.

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