How To Create a Good Workout Plan for Women

How To Create  a Good Workout Plan for Women

One of the hardest things to do when it comes to exercising is creating your own workout plan that you’ll be able to follow consistently. 

What makes it even more difficult is that you have so many options of fitness equipment to choose from – treadmills, weight pulling, exercise machines, and a lot more. 

However, this won’t be an issue any longer for women looking to exercise efficiently as we’re here to give you healthier exercise plans with more stability.

Assuming that you workout 5 days a week, this is a great exercise plan to follow. 

Every segment of the workout plan will give you a general idea of what you could do on a certain day. 

You don’t have to follow these to a T, but the effectiveness of this schedule is hard to argue with.


DAY 1 

On the first day of your exercise routine, you’ll want to start with lowintensity workout

Since this is your first day back to exercising, your muscles need proper conditioning first. 

Our recommendation is to do yoga, using the Spri Airex Mats. You can perform yoga all by yourself through DVDs or YouTube videos. On the other hand, you can also hit your local yoga studio. 

If you want to try something else alongside this, you could also perform cardio on the side such as jumping jacks, jumping rope, light jogging, etc.


DAY 2 

On your second day, it’s time for a mid-intensity workout with more focus on your legs. And let’s be honest —  the most obvious choice for this would be to run. 

You can either run outside or on a well-designed treadmill. 

Should you opt to do running indoors, a good treadmill will be able to evenly balance your resting periods more and keep your running pace at the same speed. 

Running at different speeds and stopping at random intervals can make your running less impactful, and potentially damage your muscles. 


DAY 3 

On your third day, try to work out your upper body. 

While there are several different types of exercises that work your upper body out, from low intensity to high intensity, you should choose mainly on your strengths

Make sure that every exercise that you do doesn’t overwork your muscles and it’s something that you can do. 

An easy yet impactful workout that you can do for your Day 3 would be lifting dumbbells. 

It’s a good exercise that will tone your arm muscles and flatten your stomach over time. Our equipment suggestion is the Powerblock Set 70 Stage 1, 5-40 LBS , which lets you have several different dumbbells in just one small piece of exercise equipment.


DAY 4 

Since day 4 is nearing the end but isn’t exactly the end, you’re going to want to do a mid-intensity workout on this day. You’re just going to want to go running again- it’s really just that great.

However, if you want, you could also go cycling- either on a stationary one or outside. If you end up going outside, you’ll be able to go against hills and roll down them- but with a stationary one, it’ll be smooth all the way through. It’s up to you for this one.


Since it’s your last day, you’ll want to get ready for your break with another calming and relaxing exercise devoid of any machinery. 

You could do yoga if you want or you could go with basic stretching exercises. It’s probably best if you choose yoga as stretches don’t really tone your muscles as well unless you do it repeatedly. 

If we’re being totally honest, that can get fairly repetitious (and boring) pretty quickly.

Now that your exercise routine is over, on DAY 6 and DAY 7, you get a break. 

This exercise routine is designed for any women in Metairie looking to exercise every part of their body, and it’s very flexible and is able to fit any fitness skill level. 

If you need to buy exercise equipment for it, come visit Fitness Expo, or better yet, come and see our warehouse in Metairie for yourself.