How to Exercise on the Hottest Days of Summer

How to Exercise on the Hottest Days of Summer

On the hottest days of summer, most people feel like moving. The thought of working out makes them perspire even more. This means they are missing out on the health benefits of regular exercise. Instead of skipping workouts, learn how to exercise on the hottest days of summer.


Go Swimming


You don’t need a swimming pool or beach in your backyard to fit this great exercise into your day. Cool off on a hot day by visiting a local beach or your town swimming pool. If they are overcrowded, consider paying for a day at the pool at a local hotel. Some hotels offer a pool pass so you can go swimming. Hotels with indoor pools make it possible for you to swim anytime of the year, even after the heat of summer passes.


Join the Gym


The local gym is sure to have air conditioning and provide a cool spot for you to workout. Some office buildings and townhouse communities have their own gym for workers and residents. Take advantage of it and workout at the gym rather than trying to exercise outdoors. When the weather is really hot, exercising outdoors can lead to heat exhaustion or other health complications.


Row Your Boat


Rowing is wonderful workout on the water. It gives you an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and get the exercise you need. Best of all, you can row to a beach or private spot where you can take a quick swim. Other water exercises that make a splash include paddle boarding and surfing. If you like exercising outdoors, these are good ways to do it and cool off at the same time.


Take a Fitness Class


Some people do not want the commitment or expense of paying for an ongoing gym membership. Consider taking a fitness class at the community center or local library. Often these classes are free and conducted in an air-conditioned space.


Walk Around at the Mall


If you can’t live a day without power walking but want to beat the heat, head over to your local mall. Walk around the air-conditioned mall, window shop and feel good that you fit exercise into your day. Plan your route to avoid temptations such as stopping at your favorite store or having an unhealthy snack.

Setup a Home Gym


Nothing beats the convenience of having your own gym at home. No matter how hot it gets, you can workout without fear. Make sure to choose an air-conditioned room or area for your home fitness equipment. If you enjoy walking, get a treadmill. The Horizon T101-04 offer a challenging workout and can be stored away if you don’t have a lot of space for fitness equipment. For those who like cycling, the Horizon Comfort U Upright is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Don’t let the summer heat discourage you from working out. There are many ways to fit physical activity into your day. From taking a refreshing swim to working out on your own home treadmill, you can continue to reap the benefits of regular exercise.