How to Fall Into Fitness

How to Fall Into Fitness

Fall tends to be one of the most hectic times of the year. The relaxed days of summer seem to quickly come to an end as people return to work and school. There are supplies to buy and new schedules to adjust to. Learn how to fall into fitness during these busy day and fit exercise into your routine.



Exercise in the Morning



There are many benefits to exercising in the morning. When you workout first thing in the morning, it can help you burn calories throughout the day. Plus, you know you fit exercise into your day, which gets it off your mental checklist. The days can seem to spin out of control with teacher conferences, new clients and other obligations. Take a half hour each morning to exercise and energize your day. The LX8000 lateral elliptical makes it easy to cross-train right in your own bedroom or living room.



Keep on Walking



Sometimes you have to think creatively to fit exercise into your day. Pack a healthy lunch that takes just a few minutes to eat. Take a walk during the rest of your lunch break. Consider bringing a folding pedaling machine to work to use during inclement weather. These small exercise machines make it possible to cycle right at your desk. Try to fit a short walk into your morning before you leave. Take another quick stroll after dinner. All of this walking can add up and help you stay fit.


Discover Fall Foliage



Hiking, biking and jogging are excellent ways to discover fall foliage. The cooler weather makes it easier to get outdoors to exercise. Sometimes the summer heat is oppressive and you would prefer to stay an air-conditioned, indoor environment. The brisk days of fall make exercising feel good. Incorporate fun activities, such as pumpkin picking or apple picking, into your exercise routine.



Forgive Yourself



Often people become discouraged if they forgot to exercise for a few days. They feel like they lost momentum and might even give up. Learn how to forgive yourself and move on. Find ways to make it easier to exercise. Setting up a home gym puts fitness at your fingertips anytime of the day or evening. The Vectra VX-18 is considered to be one of the most versatile home gyms on the market. You can do a variety of strength training exercises to stay strong, even if you only have ten minutes.


Get Involved in Fall Sports



If you have children, consider practicing sports with them in your backyard or at the local park or schoolyard. Take a lap around the track while your son or daughter are warming up. Shoot a few hoops and toss a football around. When you go to games, walk around rather than sitting on the benches. Become active when your kids are engaged in sports to include some fitness activities into your busy day.



Adding movement to your day can minimize stress and make you feel energized to handle all the fall activities ahead. Talk to your health care team about other ways to incorporate exercise into some of the busiest days of the year.