How to Get Fit After the Decadent Days of Mardi Gras

How to Get Fit After the Decadent Days of Mardi Gras

When you live near New Orleans, it can be tough to keep up with your New Year’s fitness resolutions. After all, you did well for more about a month and then the temptation of Mardi Gras arrived. The lure of Mardi Gras food, drinks, and celebrations can be irresistible. In fact, it is nearly impossible for people in the New Orleans area to ignore Mardi Gras festivities. Instead of feeling guilty about your days of decadence, face off with the break in your fitness routine and get proactive.


Face the Facts


Even if you walked endlessly to enjoy the parade, it is likely you indulged in food and drink along the way. After days of reverie, the harsh reality sets in and you wonder how many pounds you might have gained. Face the facts and step on your scale to see where you are at. Whether it is good news or less-than-good news, you’ll have a starting point so you can resume your fitness goals. It can take you just two weeks to shed five pounds if you stay dedicated to achieving that goal. Cut calories, workout for at least a half hour each day, and soon the remnants of Mardi Gras will be behind you.


Prepare for Hunger


After days of eating fattening cuisine, you might get used to consuming more food. When you get back to your low-calorie meals, you could have a few hunger pangs. Be prepared to use strategies to get through these moments. Drink water with lemon, which can often help ward off hunger. Eat foods such as celery and greens that are low-calorie but providing satisfying bulk to make you feel more full. If you are really craving a snack, a handful of nuts can be satisfying. Watch your portions, count the calories in what you eat, and do the math so you can eat healthy without feeling deprived.


Get Back to Working Out


Partying in New Orleans could be considered an exhausting activity, but it’s still not working out! Once the party is over, it’s time to get back to your normal fitness routine. If you are feeling lazy, start off slow. Go for a stroll on the treadmill and gauge your progress over the next week. A treadmill such as the Precor TRM 243 offers workouts that are based on your specific goals. The USB port charges your mobile devices and there are controls for a music player so you can play your favorite songs to stay motivated. Plus, the Energy Stride shock absorption system minimizes the stress on your joints and provides cushioning at you step back into your workout schedule after Mardi Gras.


Now that Mardi Gras is over, you can still treasure all those madcap memories. But the time has come to get rid of the pounds you might have gained during those partying days. Stock up on whole foods, drink water with lemon rather than cocktails and get back to working out. Try the incline feature on your treadmill to get even more from your workouts. Everyone indulges once in awhile and fortunately, it’s soon enough to do something positive about it.