How to Get Great Results from LifeCore CD400

How to Get Great Results from LifeCore CD400

The LifeCore CD400 is an exceptional way to improve your cardiovascular training. All ages can benefit from good cardiovascular training and the CD400 is so beneficial to your training that you will be encouraged to reach higher for your fitness goals and maintain your active lifestyle once attained.

The center drive elliptical trainer is considered by many people to be more comfortable to use than the standard elliptical. With the pedals connected to two smaller flywheels instead of a large one and the flywheels on the sides, it is easier for you to stand more comfortably and in a more upright position. The pedals are also spaced closer together for an easier and more natural stride.

With sixteen levels of resistance and a 21-inch stride, you have a natural movement and many levels to keep you reaching for higher strengths. The console works with the hand grips as well as a chest strap for heart rate monitoring. You can enjoy the convenience of a water bottle holder while you work through eighteen workout programs.

The multiple workouts allow you to keep from becoming accustomed to the same routine. A variety of exercises will keep your routine like new and will keep you from becoming bored. The console shows your lap progression through your workout. With six different preset profile programs, you can work on different areas of your body for optimum results.

The compact size of the LifeCore CD400 means it won’t take up too much space in your home gym. Instead of being a long rectangular shape, the elliptical is more square shaped, making it easier to fit into your gym. This commercial grade piece of equipment is built to give you the comfort you’ve been searching for. This newer machine is stronger and easier to use than many of its counterparts.

Using a LifeCore CD400 is a great way to improve your workout for exceptional results. Having a more natural stride is a great way to stay motivated and strive to reach your fitness goals. Vary your programs for greater results. A wider variety of workouts will keep your routine new and exciting.

Come into any of our Louisiana or Mississippi stores and get to know our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Not only will they help you to find the right piece of equipment for your home gym, but they will also help you with becoming familiar with how it works. Getting to know your needs will help the staff to help you find what you need to reach your fitness goals.

After helping you to choose the best piece of equipment for your needs, the staff at Fitness Expo will make arrangements for you to receive the equipment at your home. Once there, they will set up the elliptical and ensure that it is working correctly. They will then walk you through the setup of the console and make sure that you are comfortable with how your equipment works. The team will not leave until you are comfortable and happy with your decision.