How to Get Quality Sports Fitness Equipment

How to Get Quality Sports Fitness Equipment

Sports fitness equipment as a niche within the fitness and exercise world has been on an upward trend, with more and more individuals in Kenner and around the country looking for ways to spice up their workouts and add functional training to their regimens.

Yet, despite the growing popularity, finding quality sports training equipment can often be a struggle. Unlike basic exercise equipment, you can’t just run down to your local big box store to find what you need, and what they do offer is usually on the lower end of the quality spectrum.

This guide will help you understand what to look for when seeking out high-quality sports training equipment, and some ideas of where you can begin to look when you’re ready to learn more or make a purchase.

From top quality balance trainers such as the Spri Bosu Balance Trainer to top-notch cardio sports fitness equipment like the Life Fitness GSC Trainer we’ll help you identify the best options.

Sports Fitness Equipment – Indications of Quality

While nothing is a guarantee in life, below are some key factors you can weigh when seeking out quality sports fitness training equipment for either recreational or professional use.

Once you know what type of equipment you’re after, simply go through the checklist below to help you make the best decision.


The brand of the sports fitness equipment you purchase matters…a lot. Look for those brands that have a long-standing reputation for quality, craftsmanship, performance and customer satisfaction.

But just because a brand has been around for decades isn’t necessarily indicative of high quality. Seek out those brands that have remained innovative in their field, and that constantly seek to improve and evolve their current makes and models.


The construction of your sports and fitness equipment is important. Look for solid framing, stitching, hinges, and other fastenings. Check for clean welding lines (if applicable). And if at all possible, give the equipment a test run, even if that means just taking a few swings or reps on the showroom floor or aisle of the store. See how the item feels throughout the movement and be mindful of any shaking, balance or other issues that might be important to you.


Just as important as the build quality, are the materials used to make your athletic workout equipment. No matter how good the craftsmanship is, if it was made with lower quality materials you run the risk of the item wearing down over time, breaking, causing injuries, or worse.

Examples of low vs high quality:

  • Faux leather = low quality
  • Leather = high quality
  • Hollow or aluminum tube framing = low quality
  • Forged or reinforced steel = high quality

The type of material used for your athletic equipment will vary greatly depending on the types of items you’re in the market for and the various sports they will be used in.


Sometimes simple is good, but full-featured athletic equipment more often than not is of superior quality than those with few or no additional features at all. Think about what aspects of performance are most important to you, and seek out those brands, makes and models that have catered to the needs and frustrations of their customers by innovative and effective feature sets.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Nothing speaks louder about quality than does actual feedback from real-world users of the items. In today’s digital age, it is easy to quickly seek out and browse reviews from actual users of the products in the field. Pay attention to those areas or concerns that matter most to you and do your research.


Blindly paying more for your sports and fitness equipment is never a good idea, but the price can play a factor. There is a reason why shoes from Walmart cost $20 and last a few months, whereas shoes from Nike cost upwards of $100 yet are able to withstand the rigors of high-performance athletic use for more than one season. The same is true of other fitness equipment. You don’t have to buy the highest priced item, but the lowest priced options probably aren’t the best either.

Support and Service

Consider reaching out to the brand directly. See what type of response you get and how fast. Brands that put a high priority on customer service generally produce higher quality items that are designed to perform and impress.

Warranties & Guarantees

Warranties and guarantees can be great indicators that a product was built to last. Longer is usually better, but also pay attention to the small print as to what is or is not covered.

Store you Buy From

Buying from a sports and fitness equipment store that cares about their customers and provides exceptional service is one of the best moves you can make when getting out quality fitness equipment.

Not only will their staff be knowledgeable and helpful, but a store that specializes in sports and fitness equipment will also heavily vet the types of brands and products they put on their showroom floor.

Closing Thoughts

Finding high-quality athletic, sports and fitness equipment can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider shopping at Fitness Expo Stores for a selection of brands and products vetted for quality, durability, performance, features, innovation, safety and more.

Our team can help you find the best fit for your needs. Call us or drop by our local fitness store today!