How to Keep Your Children Safe from the Dangers of Home Gym Exercise Equipment

How to Keep Your Children Safe from the Dangers of Home Gym Exercise Equipment

In a study conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, over 8,700 children below five years old suffer from injuries caused by the wrong storage or set up of home gym exercise equipment. Some of the most common causes of such injuries are weights dropped or rolled on children due to unsecured safety locks, visible power cords that may cause electrocution or strangulation, and treadmills that haven’t been turned off thereby causing a child to slip. So if you live with children or pets and you are thinking of setting up your own home gym, bear in mind the following points:

Introduce the idea of getting exercise equipment into the household prior to actually buying them.

When children or other members of the household are briefed about the possibility of accidents with home gym exercise equipment, then they will be aware of their limitations. Make the child understand why you are using such gym equipment, why you have to stow it away and why the child must not use it on his own. By laying the rules before the equipment is present, the child will remember what he can or cannot do once it is around.

Keep all exercise equipment in one room and lock it – ALWAYS.

A responsible parent, aunt, uncle, brother or sister will not leave any exercise equipment lying around, not even an exercise ball or a jumping rope. To ensure safety at all times, make sure that the child does not have access to the exercise room. Lock the door at all times. When no one is around to watch the child while you do your workout, you can put the child in a carrier seat or swing in a corner of the room, safe from harm’s way. You may also put him in a stationary playpen that he cannot escape from.

Hide all the cords.

Cords make children gaga; they are pulled or bitten whenever they are seen. So to prevent risks of electrocution and strangulation, hide all the cords. You may move your home gym exercise equipment nearer to the walls or put heavy-duty rugs on top of electrical wires.

If possible, put away all equipment.

If you haven’t dedicated a room for your home gym, then it would be best to fold the equipment and put it away after use. Unplug all wires and keep cords wrapped securely. It is understandable that children may still try to operate the equipment so make sure that you stow it in places least frequented by kids. It would also be a wise step to put up child barriers to be doubly sure that they have absolutely no access to any home gym exercise equipment.

Choose your equipment wisely.

All safety precautions will mean nothing if the pieces of home gym exercise equipment you choose are faulty. Equipment that has been built with poor materials might tip or wobble if used and that is not only threatening to the user but to all the members of the household too. Screws might come loose and picked up by a child. So make sure that the equipment you buy is of the highest quality.

Having your own home gym may be advantageous to you because it’s cheaper than going to the gym and pay for membership. Moreover by having your own home gym you have direct and exclusive access to it.  Keep in mind though that your road to a better and stronger you must not come in the expense of others especially the little ones. So always be extra careful with your home gym exercise equipment when kids are around.

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