How to Maintain Your Shreveport Home Gym

How to Maintain Your Shreveport Home Gym

Now that you’ve invested in fitness and exercise equipment at home, it’s time to discuss maintenance. Each piece of equipment requires regular cleaning and may be in need of other maintenance measures.

By taking proper care of your equipment you can effectively:

  • Cleans bacteria and moisture that may gather on your equipment
  • Ensure you are receiving the most efficient workout possible
  • Extend the life of your exercise and fitness equipment

If you take good care of your gym equipment, it will help you take good care of yourself.

Basic Things to Consider

You may be wondering why it is so important to clean your equipment. Equipment maintenance helps in many areas.

It increases your safety – Equipment that has worn parts or damage that goes unnoticed may break while you are using it.

It saves you money – When you don’t properly maintain your equipment, it wears down faster and breaks more often.

You get what you pay for – Investing in quality equipment will also extend the life of your machines.

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Schedule Your Fitness and Exercise Equipment Maintenance

Some types of maintenance only need to be done on occasion, while other tasks should be done daily. If you are unsure of when or how often you should carry out various maintenance activities, refer to your user manual or our basic guide below.

High-quality exercise machines such as the BH Fitness SK8900 Treadmill will include instructions and guidance on routine maintenance. While others

Here is a sample schedule to help you decide how to maintain your equipment…

Daily Cleaning

Some tasks need to be performed every day. Whether you found elliptical machines for sale or a weight bench, every piece of equipment must:

Disinfect the upholstery – An unscented disinfectant is best, one that does not have harsh chemicals.
Use a damp cloth on machine frames – Need a deep clean? Use a mild dish soap and water!
Wipe everything down with a dry cloth – Corrosion can occur if machines are left damp.

Weekly Cleaning

Some tasks only need to be done weekly, such as:

Checking the machine for physical damage – Are there any loose parts or fraying cables? Injury can be prevented with regular maintenance.

Lubricate belts – Not only will this get rid of annoying squeaking, properly lubricating belts will prevent the part from wearing out as quickly.

Test pins in your weight machines – These pins are an important part of holding weights in place, so it is essential to make sure they work properly.

Examine the upholstery – Rips and cracks can become worse if not corrected.

Use lanolin-based cleaner or vinyl cleaner – This provides flexibility to your upholstery to prevent cracking.

Apply wax – A wax coating helps provide resistance to corrosion.

Monthly Cleaning

After you invest in fitness and exercise equipment for sale, there will be some monthly tasks to perform, like:

Testing electronic features to be sure they are functioning correctly.
Lubricate any parts that may need it.
Check bearings and bushings to make sure the machine is operating properly.

How Not to Clean Your Fitness and Exercise Equipment

As important as it is to know how to clean your equipment properly, it is equally as important to understand what NOT to use when cleaning your equipment.

Avoid using harsh chemicals – Ammonia, Lysol, Windex, or solvents are always a bad idea. Not only can this cause issues in people with sensitivities, but surfaces and upholstery can suffer worse wear from harsh chemicals.

Avoid steel wool and hard bristles – These abrasive materials can scratch your equipment.

Do not use parts that are not specifically provided by the manufacturer – This may result in low-quality repairs that don’t work or void your equipment warranty.

Keeping Your Shreveport Fitness and Exercise Equipment as Good as New

Finding fitness and exercise equipment for sale at a good deal is great for your Shreveport home gym. Maintaining that equipment is necessary to save money by extending the life of your equipment. Always consult the owner’s manual regarding how to best care for your equipment.

Always be sure to use part issued by the manufacturer when repairing equipment and keep away items that could fall on your equipment and damage it, such as medicine balls.

Proper maintenance of your Shreveport home gym will help you to get the most of your workout every time. Health and fitness are an important part of any lifestyle and keeping your machines clean and lubricated will help you stay safe while working out.