How to Make Your Home Gym Equipment Lasts Longer

How to Make Your Home Gym Equipment Lasts Longer

At-home gym equipment in Kenner can be often a quite important purchase since it will serve a highly relevant purpose in your life which can be getting in better shape or even improving your health. 

This fact makes your home gym equipment something valuable to you, and keeping it in the best possible condition is something you want to make sure of. 

Additionally, a properly maintained home gym equipment will be able to perform at the optimum level and, eventually, last way longer.

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As should be expected, a home gym requires you to constantly check it and ensure the equipment is clean and the environment safe for exercise. 

Periodical checks will allow you to avoid the spread of any cold and flu virus while at the same time preventing unnecessary repair bills for broken equipment, providing you the opportunity to continue on your fitness journey.

Although it is widely thought that home gym equipment maintenance means the horrific act of hoisting tools around and taking greasy dirty components apart, clean them, and then put them back together again this is not close to reality. 

In fact, there is every little maintenance demanded in order to keep most of the modern equipment in good working order thanks to the home gym equipment manufacturers constantly improving their machines. 

We can assure you that home gym maintenance is much easier than you may think since the basic maintenance will allow you to keep your warranty intact and make your gym equipment to last longer.

Keep your home gym equipment in good working order with these easy tips that will take a few minutes for you to perform and will let you keep everything clean and last longer. 

Home Gym Maintenance Procedures

As stated every exercise equipment needs some form of maintenance in order to last longer and be able to offer a problem-free operation. 

Therefore, regular and planned maintenance should be strongly considered given the fact that it affects not only how long your equipment will last but additionally how long it stays visually attractive.

Keeping your home gym equipment in an optimal condition will also minimize the risk of injury to any person making use of the equipment. 

The lack of maintenance will cause animal hair, dust, and humidity to quickly destroy your at-home fitness equipment. 

Hence, make sure to always use and store the fitness equipment in a dry environment where the corrosion and damage to electronic parts can be avoided.

Keeping Your Equipment Clean

This is one of the most common maintenance tasks, make sure to wipe down every mat, seat, bench, cardio console, and pads. Wipe-downs should be performed multiple times per day, preferably with a clean rag and water-based disinfectant. 

Constant sweat will dry out padded surfaces which result in a premature cracking/fading of the material. This will not only be healthy for your equipment but will also for yourself and anyone making use of your home gym fitness equipment.

Oiling Your Machines With Moving Parts

Every single resistance machine has moving parts that are highly required to be lubricated not least once a month. 

Get a clean rag and spray silicone into it for resistance equipment, apply it to the weight tracks and into the bearings, move them so you can make sure that they can move freely. 

Most of the home gym equipment manufacturers offer cardiovascular machines with self-lubricating systems, hence check the oil reservoirs and fill them as per the manufacturers’ instructions.

The Precor AMT835 is an example of it.

Elliptical Cross-Trainers

These machines are the kind of machine with many moving parts and pivot points, meaning that they will require detailed attention in order to keep them running smoothly. Make sure to check out areas like the frame, pedals, and handlebars.

Strength Equipment

Weight benches and machines need a constant visual and physical inspection of all moving parts such as pulleys, cabling, and mostly anywhere else that has the propensity to become loose. 

Some of the areas where you should focus are lock nut and bolt joins on benches and frames, dumbbells with spinlock nuts holding the plates,  and the sheathing and crimping of cables and their attachments to multi gyms.

Check All Equipment For Wear

Perform a weekly walk-through of the facility so you can be able to identify worn or broken equipment. 

You will usually notice when the machine is not working properly while working out, so pay close attention to it. 

You may find out that some items are not as obvious and will increase the chance of injury if they are not noticed in time.

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