How to Sit Down and Workout

How to Sit Down and Workout

Sometimes it is difficult to stand after a long day at work but you recognize the importance of regular aerobic exercise. There are people who are unable to stand for long periods of time due to injuries or health conditions. Learn how to sit down and workout so you get the benefits of exercising without putting undue stress on your body. It is important to consult with your health care team before starting any fitness routine, including ones that can be done from a chair or seated position.

Workout Routines for Seniors and People with Limits

Health clubs and community centers are recognizing the need to offer exercise programs for every health and fitness level. As a result, an increasing number of facilities are providing special workout routines that can be done sitting down. An example of such a program is Silver Sneakers, which is offered at health clubs across the country. An instructor teaches students how to do various exercises from a seated position. Some are done while standing but alternatives are offered. This helps people find ways to workout, even if they have a limited range of motion.

Resistance Bands, Free Weights, and More

There are a variety of ways to workout in a seated position and still get optimum benefits. Resistance bands and free weight can be included in exercises such as arm curls and leg lifts, which are all done while sitting down. There are various mini gyms on the market that provide resistance training in any position. Portable cycling machines can be placed on the floor to workout your legs or on a table top to workout your arms. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist about gear than can be used to make your seated workouts more effective and diverse. With all these options, you’ll never run out of exercise or get bored.

Seated Elliptical

A seated elliptical is a wonderful way to get the advantages of a complete body workout at a pace you can handle. Workouts can be customized to suit the needs of each user. The xRide XR4 has helped to revolutionize seated workouts. It is high-quality and compact enough to fit into small spaces. The value price makes it an affordable way to enjoy seated workouts. The Active Seat Position gives each user a customized, comfortable fit. Plus, it an excellent way to work out various muscle groups and burn calories.

Vibration Machine

For those who are unable to complete a full-fledged workout, a vibration machine could be a viable alternative. The Power Plate my7 provide whole body vibration with over 1,000 exercises. An integrated touch screen computer, exercise videos, and coaching tips help you get through a full body vibration training session based on your unique needs. It is becoming a popular way to workout without all the stress or movement.

The fitness possibilities for people with limited capabilities are almost limitless. A wide variety of workouts can be done without standing or running around. Talk to your doctor about which options might be right for your health and fitness level to help you achieve optimum well-being.