How to Use an Adaptive Motion Trainer

How to Use an Adaptive Motion Trainer

There are several varieties of elliptical equipment made for cardio fitness, but one stands out, and it is the Adaptive Motion Trainer. People who have used the Adaptive Motion Trainer machine have termed it as a fantastic user-oriented machine that delivers perfect cardio exercise to the user.

The AMT has won multiple awards because of its reliable performance and usability. Some have described it as a three-in-one machine that helps you accomplish custom cardio workouts. 

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The versatility of the AMT elliptical trainers is another positive aspect of the equipment that gym enthusiasts and health enthusiasts are happy. 

It is a machine that adapts to the user’s needs rather than the other way round.

The adaptive motion trainer can be used for exercises that involve walking, jogging, or running

It is, therefore, suitable for a large variety of people, like those starting on their cardio training, as well as dedicated health enthusiasts looking to push their cardio training further. 

You can do all of these exercises on this single machine.

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Using the AMT

  • To use the AMT, you first step onto the lowest pedal and put your foot on the other pedal. 

The next thing is to place your hands on the stationary handlebars situated in the middle. You can start stepping up and down on the pedals.

  • If it is your first time, you can use the quick-start button on display to rev up the machine. As you step up and down, you should use your heels to move the pedals forward and transition your hands from the stationary bars to the moving handlebars.
  • You can then use the movement of your hands and feet to customize your stride length and depth. The AMT elliptical machines may come with pre-installed settings you can use, and usually, the machines have programs to select. 

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There are multiple levels of resistance the Adaptive Motion Trainer comes with, and it is easy to choose what you need from the menu display option.

  • On the machine’s display, you will see the program menu. You can use it to select what you need and start training. You should keep your head up and move your body naturally as you inhale deeply and start warming up. 
  • The adaptive nature of the machine allows for adjustments to be done while you are moving. You will be using a combination of your stride and the selected resistance level to tax different muscle groups in your body.
  • To hit your quadriceps muscles, you should make an up-down stride motion that mimics the action of climbing up a flight of stairs. 

Doing short strides that imitate the natural movement of walking will give you a steady low impact workout for your hamstrings and glutes. 

The mid-range pace is a movement that reproduces the effects of jogging and will work your muscles, including your calves. If you love running, then you need to have long strides while using AMT. During the movement, run, you will activate all your muscle groups for a whole body workout.

  • You should be able to keep an eye out on your body’s range of motion using the stride dial indicator on the AMT machine. It will help you adjust your stride and movement. You are in control of how the device responds to your strides, and that is why people call it “user-defined.”


AMT vs Treadmill

While comparing AMT elliptical vs. treadmill machines, you will discover that the AMT brings more freedom and more control to the user as opposed to treadmills. 

This increased freedom can sometimes feel intimidating when you start, but the best way to improve movement and cardio workout using the AMT is to continue practicing. 

On the AMT display, there is information about your heart rate, which is essential because you can use it to determine how hard to push or if you need to scale back depending on the cardio exercise regimen you are on. 

Core training using the Adaptive Motion Trainer is possible via several movements and motions that will take you from warming up position to more intense workouts.

Adaptive Motion Trainers – An Excellent Cardio Workout

Adaptive Motion Trainers also increase the challenge you get from a good cardio workout because they let you set the pace, the movement, difficulty, and it continually monitors your physical progress so it can be adjusted if necessary. 

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This machine allows you to engage multiple muscle groups, gives you lower and upper body exercise, and reduces the impact to your joints/knees. It is also a fun cardio exercise machine to use.