How to Workout Safely in Your Golden Years

How to Workout Safely in Your Golden Years

As people get older, they tend to slow down. Health conditions, painful joints and other issues might hold them back from working out. This can lead to stiffness and worsened health. It is important to keep exercising as you get older to be healthier and more limber. Discover ways you can workout without overdoing it. Your workouts should be easy, fun and make you feel better rather than worse.


Grab a Chair


Few people realize you can exercise in a chair. If you have trouble getting, standing and walking, exercises can be done right in your easy chair. Gentle leg lifts, ankle rolls and arm circles can all be done while you are sitting down. Silver Sneakers is an exercise program for seniors that offers a variety of exercises than can be done sitting or standing. Start by doing 5 minutes of gentle stretching, 3 times a day and you will soon start to feel stronger and be able to exercise longer.


Take a Walk


Walking is a total body workout that you can do at your own pace. Start by walking around the block or your local mall. Go just a little bit further each day and never overdo it. Going too far might make it difficult to get back and you could feel discouraged. Wear a pedometer when you walk to gauge your progress. If you are concerned about safety or unpredictable weather, get a treadmill to use at home. The Vision TF20 provides a stable platform that makes you feel more secure during your walking workouts.


Stretch to Reduce Stress


Experiencing chronic pain can become stressful and frustrating. Certain stretching exercises can help reduce pain and alleviate stress. Tai chi and yoga are two excellent examples. Many local libraries and community centers offer free classes. You can also get a DVD to watch at home. Start slow and only go as far as you can. It is not a competition and you can modify these poses so your body always feels comfortable. It can take time to master them and the goal is to simply do your best.


Easy Rider


Many people used to enjoy biking but find it difficult to do as they get older. There is also more traffic on the road and some drivers seems impatient when they have to wait for bicyclists. Fortunately, you can get the benefits of cycling right in your own home. A seated elliptical has a comfortable seat and you can adjust your workouts based on your current fitness level. The sturdy XR6 makes it possible to workout your entire body on one easy-going machine.


Consult with your health care team before you start any diet or exercise program. Your doctor might have a few recommendations to follow as you embark on your journey to fitness and better health. It is important to start slow and avoid pushing yourself. Your goals is to move a little more each day to get the energy and improved well-being you want during your golden years.