Water Tsunami Pro – Indoor Spin Bike

Water Tsunami Pro – Indoor Spin Bike

Do you love biking? Have you run the Tour de Louisiane in June or February’s Race the Plank in Lake Charles? Why not bring your love of cycling inside? You can ride not matter what the temperature or what the weather is doing outside. If you haven’t owned an indoor cycle in several years, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The available bikes for your home are much better than old indoor bikes, and you can get a similar workout that you would find from biking outside or taking a spin class at a gym with a home exercise bike like the Waters Tsunami Pro.


Anyone Can Cycle Indoors


Indoor exercise bikes that are made for gyms have more accommodations so the widest range of people can ride them. The Waters Tsunami Pro features easy-to-use handlebars that release quickly to make adjustments to their height. The seat also has this same quick adjustment feature. The low height of the center of the bike lets shorter people step over to mount the bike.


Made for Heavy Use


Cycling enthusiasts will want the most durable indoor bike possible. See the reinforced frame of the Waters Tsunami Pro at your next stop to a Fitness Expo store. While at one of these Louisiana or Mississippi stores, see in person the extra-heavy flywheel that lets you feel in control of the bike at all times. A chain guard protects you from accidentally brushing up against the chain, which could cause injury to yourself or damage to the chain. If you ride intensely on this bike, you may find yourself sweating, but even as that sweat drips off you onto the bike, it won’t damage the flywheel due to the sweat guard that is in place.


Working out on an old exercise bike? Get rid of it, and trade up to a durable indoor bike like the Waters Tsunami Pro. This bike is designed to last for years of heavy gym usage, so it will be sure to last in your home. With such a durable bike inside, you can cycle whenever you get the urge to go bike, day or night.