Inspire CS2 – Cardio and Flexibility Training

Elliptical workout machines offer users a number of special advantages over other workout devices. The Inspire CS2 is a high quality seated elliptical machine, offering a low impact exercise format that improves muscle tone, burns calories, raises cardiovascular performance, and increases flexibility.

If you’re in the cities of Shreveport, Mandeville, Metairie, Baton Rouge, or Kenner in Louisiana, or perhaps in Jackson, Mississippi, you can stop by a Fitness Expo store to learn about the many benefits of owning an Inspire CS2. Fitness Expo staff are knowledgeable about all their machines, and can show you how to get the most out of your CS2 in a few short lessons.

First of all, the CS2 has variable resistance settings, so you can get the cardio training that you need. Starting off at an easy going 10 watts, it can scale up as you improve your physical health, remaining a useful machine and keeping up with the demands of your workouts.

Next, a low step through height and an adjustable seat mean the Inspire CS2 is good for many body types. Short legs, long arms, odd posture? You can adapt the CS2 to your needs and fit yourself into place easily and comfortably, making any workout healthier and more body-specific.

The Inspire comes with 8 pre-set programs for you to use as you start working out. The first 6 are total-body programs, aimed at helping you improve your range of motion, increase body strength, and lose weight as you press your cardio system. The next two are upper body training intervals, allowing you to use the same machine to increase your strength and endurance for upper body workouts.

The CS2’s computer display is backlit and easy to read, in clearly-visible blue light that allows you to readily see no matter what light source you’re using. This lets you adjust the workout on the go without difficulty, keeping the focus where it should be – on improving your health and getting stronger.

If you’re looking for a seated elliptical machine that can provide full-body benefits in an easy to use form, the CS2 is definitely a choice worth checking out.