An In-Depth Guide to Power Tower Exercise Equipment for Total Body Workouts

An In-Depth Guide to Power Tower Exercise Equipment for Total Body Workouts

What is a Power Tower?

A power tower, also known as a vertical dip or knee raise station, is a piece of exercise equipment used for bodyweight exercises that target the abdominal muscles and upper body. It consists of a vertical frame with parallel bars that are used for performing dips, knee raises, and other exercises that involve hanging from the bars and lifting the legs or body up and down.

Power towers are often used in home gyms and fitness centers as a versatile and efficient way to work the upper body and core muscles. They are adjustable to accommodate different heights and fitness levels, and some models may also include additional features such as pull-up bars, push-up handles, and dip handles. Power towers provide a challenging workout that can help increase strength, build muscle, and improve overall fitness.

Benefits of Power Tower Exercises

Before you invest in your power tower, why not chat with one of our fitness equipment specialists? You can also review our full range of available power towers here at Fitness Expo Stores.

  • Power towers can help you build your upper body strength and help you to build muscle.
  • Power towers use the weight of the body to perform the exercise and can be more effective than performing the exercise just by using free weights.
  • Using a power tower works major muscles such as the back muscles, lats, biceps, and more so that you can obtain your ideal upper body.
  • In addition, all of these items are targeted at the same time without you doing the exercises individually.

Power Tower Exercise Variations

Choosing a quality power tower means that you should look at more than just the price. Fitness Expo Stores has a variety of power towers for you to choose from.

  • Features: The main things that you should look at when selecting the machine that is right for you are the features and whether those features will help you to reach your goals.
  • Designs: You want to make sure that the design makes it comfortable for you to perform the exercises based on your body size and weight. The machine should have appropriately designed grips so that you can stabilize yourself well enough to exercise. Some machines also have additional features that will allow you to perform exercises such as dips but that depends on the model.

Working out with a power tower is sure to get you motivated as you see your strength begin to increase. Nothing is more empowering than knowing that you can easily lift and work out using just your own body weight. You will also be able to build muscle quickly if you choose a machine that allows for adjustments and the ability to make your workout even more challenging.

The bottom line is that many people are not able to do challenging exercises such as pull-ups or dips. With your new power tower, you can begin to challenge yourself and reach the level of upper body fitness that you’ve always wanted. In addition, you can also see the results as your posture and muscle tone improves dramatically. Contact us today to learn more about Power Tower exercise equipment.