Interested in Opening a Gym? Select the Best Commercial Gym Equipment in Baton Rouge

Interested in Opening a Gym? Select the Best Commercial Gym Equipment in Baton Rouge

If you’re planning to open a gym in the Baton Rouge area, you’ll need to fill your fitness center with some of the best fitness equipment available. Offering a variety of different equipment for individuals to use while they’re at your fitness center will have them more likely choose your place over the competition. Before you open the doors to your gym, make sure you’re investing in high-quality commercial gym equipment that will help people reach their fitness goals on a daily basis.

Seated Ellipticals

It’s not uncommon to see ellipticals in a gym, but you may not see many seated ellipticals. If you want to offer something a bit different to those who will come to your fitness center to exercise as a way of burning calories and reaching their personal fitness goals, you should consider investing in seated ellipticals. They’re convenient because they give people a chance to sit down comfortably while still exercising the different areas of the body.

By offering seated ellipticals, you’re offering equipment that is convenient to those who struggle with knee or back pain. Those who suffer from pain may still get to exercise their bodies without causing themselves any additional pain because of this type of commercial fitness equipment.

Before you purchase specific seated ellipticals, look for certain features. Some of the best seated ellipticals come equipped with the following features:

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Numerous seat settings
  • Assorted programs
  • Easy-to-grip pedals
  • Comfortable seat


If you’re looking to invest in the best fitness equipment, you’ll need to get several treadmills. Many people who go to the gym like using the treadmills because then they can run as fast or as slow as they want to while indoors instead of worrying about jogging around outside when it’s too cold, too hot, or even raining. It’s one of the best ways to get in a fast and fun cardio workout.

Because there are a lot of different types of commercial treadmills on the market, you should find out more about the different options that are offered by commercial gym equipment manufacturers in Baton Rouge such as Fitness Expo. This manufacturer offer such a wide variety of treadmills designed to increase comfort while allowing people to keep track of their workout routines.

Some of the treadmills are better than others because they have a bit more to offer. You should look for treadmills that come equipped with some of the following features that are convenient to those who will use them:

  • Numerous speed settings
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Water bottle holders
  • Phone/iPod holders
  • Interactive workouts

Choosing treadmills with all the latest, updated features is the best way to impress your clients. After all, it may be much easier for the clients to enjoy a workout when they have a lot of options and can enjoy music while having instant access to their bottle of water when they need it the most.

The Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill is a great choice.

Spin Bikes

Spin bikes have become popular over the past several years. People love the spin bikes because they’re one of the most fun and exciting ways to burn calories and get in better shape while at the gym. It’s a commercial exercise equipment you shouldn’t forget to invest in.

Because there is such a demand for the spin bikes, it’s best for you to start looking at the various options and then comparing the cost and features. Some of the best spin bikes come equipped with plenty of useful features, including:

  • Resistance settings
  • Adjustable handlebars with comfortable padding
  • Adjustable seats
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Calories burned calculator

Once you’ve decided on the specific spin bikes you’d like to purchase from the best commercial gym equipment manufacturers in Baton Rouge, you can put your order in, have them delivered, and set them up in a specific room or section of the facility. If you’re planning to offer spin classes, you may prefer putting the spin bikes in a designated room where individuals can take spin classes and have a lot of fun as they work up a sweat, burning a ton of calories.

You might want to check out the BH Fitness LK500IC Indoor Cycle.


While most fitness centers have treadmills and ellipticals, it’s not as common to see rowers inside of the fitness centers. If you’d like to get ahead of the competition by having a bit more to offer to people who want to exercise all different areas of their bodies, you should think about getting some rowers for your fitness center.

Rowers are great to have available in your fitness center because they’ll allow users to exercise all areas of the body while performing a low-impact exercise instead of doing something that may be a bit too strenuous for them. Many of the different rowers come with some of the most awesome features, such as:

  • Numerous resistance levels
  • Different program options
  • Heart Rate
  • Calories Burned Monitor
  • Comfortable handlebars

If you want to open a fitness center in Baton Rouge, purchasing the right commercial fitness equipment is a must. The goal is to have enough equipment available for all the different people who will come to your fitness center to burn calories, get toned, and get in better shape. Offering a variety of commercial equipment is the best way to satisfy all different types of people, including those who prefer low-impact exercises as well as those who prefer high-impact activities.

Before buying the equipment, you need to find the right manufacturer of commercial gym equipment. Fitness Expo sells an impressive selection of different equipment, including seated ellipticals, treadmills, spin bikes, and rowers, all of which may be used by hundreds and even thousands of different people who will end up becoming members of your fitness center.