Invest in yourself with the LifeCore Rower – R100

Invest in yourself with the LifeCore Rower – R100

What better investment can you make than investing time and effort into your health? With the time you spend at work, time with your family, even time you spend reading a book, how much time do you put into making sure you have a healthy and fit body? All the time you spend on other, equally important things can make it difficult for you to make the time to exercise. However, if you have a home gym with a LifeCore Rower – R100, you will be able to exercise and put the time into the greatest investment of all—yourself.




The LifeCore Rower – R100 has a two color LCD display that will make it easier to motivate yourself with programs designed to keep you moving. Programs like the interval training allows you to set time and distance for your workout. Simulated resistance changes help build your strength and are standard programs in the monitor. While monitoring your heart rate, the monitor has the capability of adjusting the resistance based on your heart rate. If your heart rate is low, the resistance will be increased. If your heart rate is high, it will reduce the resistance. The monitor has multiple readouts, two of which will require a chest strap that is included with the rower.




The LifeCore Rower – R100 has a combination of air and magnetic resistance. The resistance has sixteen levels and can be adjusted from a computer. The flywheel generates air on the pull motion, while reducing the noise level for a quieter workout. The magnetic resistance kicks in on the second level of resistance, while the air resistance is only used for the first level.




The rower is close to the ground, no more than fifteen inches. With a quick release mechanism, you will be able to move the rower easily and quickly with the built-in wheels on the back and the front. When you are ready to use the machine, the feet will hold the machine in place.




The footrests are adjustable to multiple foot sizes, and with separate heel supports, you can strap your feet in so there is no slippage. The ergonomic handle allows for a comfortable, more natural arm and hand position, with a 10 degree bend.




For a quieter, more smooth motion, the LifeCore Rower – R100 comes with a belt as opposed to a chain. The belt is made from material similar to a car seatbelt. The track for the rower is forged aluminum to make a smooth, gliding movement on an industrial strength rail.




The machine is easy to maintain, so that your investment in the piece of equipment is truly an investment in your health and well-being. This is a low impact exercise machine, making it less stressful on your knees and ankles.


Come into our store in Jackson, Mississippi and meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Each of them are trained in the use and setup of multiple pieces of exercise equipment. We will help you reach a level of comfort with your new LifeCore Rower – R100.