Is Buying a Vibration Machine Worth It?

Is Buying a Vibration Machine Worth It?

Vibration plates were originally designed by Russian cosmonauts in the 1960s.

They used these machines to prevent them from losing their muscle mass while in space.

It was an effective way to maintain muscle mass in lesser time compared to performing weight-bearing exercises for 8 hours a day.

Vibration Machines Today

Today, vibration machines are used in gyms and home gyms as part of a workout routine.

They are also used to aid post-workout recovery. Despite its varied uses, some are still skeptical whether it is an effective workout machine for losing weight and toning up.

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Why Vibration Machines Really Work

If you are one of those still wondering if a vibration machine really works in helping improve your health and fitness, here are reasons why it is still worth it to use a vibration machine:

  1. Cuts down your workout time

    Regular users of the vibration plate claim that an hour-long strenuous workout can be cut down to just 15 minutes because the muscles work harder to keep your position.

    This means you can reach your fitness goals faster because your muscles are contracting frequently, increasing the effort you need to put into your workout.

  2. Low impact

    The low-impact benefit of vibration machine exercises makes it suitable for various ages and fitness abilities.

    In fact, many elderly people, those who are unfit starting to get into fitness, and those recovering from an injury benefit from using a vibration machine.

    It’s a great substitute for high-impact activities like running and weight training that helps build overall strength and endurance with minimal risk of injury.

    Check out the Power Plate MY3, a user-friendly equipment that can fit any space of your home. Great for low impact exercises all day long.

  3. Tailored workout

    You can easily adjust the settings on a vibration machine to suit your fitness needs.

    There are various positions and vibration machine exercises that you can choose from to suit your fitness level and work up to more difficult positions and exercises when your strength and balance improve.
    vibration machine for tailored workout - Fitness Expo

  4. Weight loss

    Vibration machines can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

    The amount of energy you use during a workout will increase because your muscle fibers are strengthened and work harder.

    As you burn more energy than you consume, you start to burn fat from stored fat reserves.

    Read more on how long you should stay on a vibration machine to lose weight.

    Combined with a healthy diet, exercising with a vibration machine will result in weight loss.

  5. Tone muscles

    Kick your exercises up a notch by holding different positions while exercising on a vibration machine to target muscles you want to tone will help you reach those fitness goals.

    For example, you can do push-ups and crunches on a vibration plate to tone the muscles in your upper body.

  6. Build overall muscle strength

    A vibration machine increases the acceleration at which your muscles contract, hence, increasing muscle strength without the need for increased mass.

    Doing exercises like lunges or squats on a vibration plate can make your muscles work harder because they are stimulated to contract at an accelerated speed.

  7. Full-body workout

    You can get a full-body workout on a vibration machine because it allows you to do different exercises and positions that target your main muscle groups.

    Imagine using 90% of your muscles at the same time with this one machine!

  8. Core strength and stability

    When you do your planks on a vibration machine, your muscles will have to work much harder to maintain your balance and stability.

    You will then enjoy the added benefits of reduced lower back pain and improved posture when you have a strong and stable core.
    vibration machine for core strength and stability - Fitness Expo

  9. Flexibility

    Improve your flexibility, mobility, range of motion, and recovery and reduce your risk of injury by using a vibration machine for stretching and doing simple yoga poses.

  10. Health Benefits

    You don’t only get to reach your fitness goals with a vibration machine. According to the manufacturers, the numerous health benefits of a vibration machine are:

    • Enhanced metabolism
    • Increased bone mineral density
    • Reduced stress hormone (cortisol)
    • Elevated human growth hormone levels
    • Improved lymphatic flow
    • Reduced cellulite
    • Stimulate collagen production for smoother skin

Incorporate Vibration Machines to Your Workout Program

A vibration machine is not used to substitute for good eating and exercise habits.

It could become a good addition to an already solid workout program with a planned out workout regimen and proper diet.

Make a vibration machine an effective part of your wellness routine to help you achieve your fitness goals. Contact us today to a vibration machine for your home.

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