Good Idea or Bad Idea: Is It Okay To Exercise While Sick?

Good Idea or Bad Idea: Is It Okay To Exercise While Sick?

It takes a lot of effort and commitment to stick to a workout plan.

Exercising does wonders for the body like lowering the risk of chronic diseases.

Those with an active lifestyle can also testify that it has helped them manage their weight. There is satisfaction in finishing a workout and knowing you made an effort to stay healthy.

Staying healthy and well is a top motivation for working out, but there are times when you still get sick.

Can you still exercise while you are sick? Does this mean you would have to skip a day or two? Would you have to give in and break your winner streak of exercising? Don’t worry Fitness Expo will give you answers on all of your questions.

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“I’m Sick But I’d Like To Exercise”

MayoClinic suggests a way to check if it is still okay for exercising even if you feel a little under the weather.

If your symptoms are all “above the neck“, then a mild to moderate type of activity is all right. Remember that this is your body and you should not push it beyond its limits.

It’s Okay To Exercise

It’s natural to get sick from time to time like catching a cold that can last for a few days.

Exercise can even be helpful to clear nasal congestion that otherwise is uncomfortable. If the symptoms you are experiencing are all “above the neck” as the following, then it is okay for a workout.

  • Common Cold – Some common symptoms include a runny nose, mild headache, and sneezing. Though it is not that serious, you can feel a little weak. If you would like to exercise, you can go for less intense and shorter workouts. If part of your habit is to go for long runs, you can opt to go for a walk instead. Remember that this is a viral infection that can affect people around you. So still practice proper hygiene! Make sure to always wash your hands and cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough.
  • Sore Throat – A sore throat is also a viral infection. If you are experiencing a sore throat because of a cold or with allergies, then you can still go ahead and work out. Since you are not feeling your usual best, make sure to reduce your workout intensity. Staying hydrated is also key to not be uncomfortable when working out while you are sick.

It’s Better To Rest Now

If you have a cold and a fever, you might want to consider exercising.

Pushing yourself to do a certain activity when you have a fever can do much worse than better. If you are feeling symptoms that are “below the neck”, resting and consulting your doctor will help.

  • Fever – Having a fever is the number one reason to put off your exercise for a while. When you have a fever your body temperature is higher than normal. This can cause weakness, fatigue and body aches. It would be wiser to watch your temperature so you can recover faster. Rest helps you fight off infection better. Exercising with fever can increase your internal temperature more and cause dehydration.
  • Upset Stomach – There’s a lot of reasons why you should put off exercising when your stomach is not good. Common symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and dehydration become worse when you exercise. Imagine lifting weights while sick and you feel weak because you are nauseous? It might lead to serious injuries as well.
  • Flu – You can experience fever, chills, cough, body aches, and fatigue when you have the flu. Some serious cases even cause deaths. Intense workouts can also delay your recovery. It would be best to take a rest and wait for a full recovery before you go back to exercising. Doctors even warn that exercising while sick with the flu can lead to serious conditions. It can develop an inflammation of the heart or myocarditis.

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Take Your Time To Recover

Resting when you are sick helps your body to regain the strength it lost while fighting off disease. Allow yourself to recover and even ask for your physician’s approval to be sure.

A common cold can be completely gone a week while a fever lasts for 10 days to two weeks.

Never neglect your body’s response. If you consider continuing working out with a cold and other “above the neck” symptoms, take it easy. You can feel worse and that means you should focus on resting instead. Even when you stop for a while, it does not mean your previous efforts to exercise are useless. Looking for the best home gym equipment? Call us now 504-265-1452!