It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

If you have trouble with high-impact cardio exercise routines (such as running) or you suffer from low back pains, then you may be interested in trying out a recumbent exercise bike. After all, you used to love riding a bicycle as a child, right? Why not relive those days while getting a great leg work out in the process?


One of the main benefits of a recumbent bike is the fact that you’re seated. This takes strain off your knees and ankles as they won’t be bearing weight. Save those joints! In addition, the back of the seat offers lumbar support, so your low spine can rest at ease during your exercise.


And these bikes are smart! Come take a look at the various models on our showroom floor at Fitness Expo at any of our locations. We’ll show you features like adjustable seats, changing the amount of resistance the bike can give you for added intensity, preset workout routines, iPod ports and other functions.

You can set exercise goals for yourself and keep track of them using the recumbent bike as many of them will track your distance, heart rate, calorie burn, and more. Riding a bicycle may be fun, but it can’t track your progress like a recumbent bike can.


And what about power? With a digital readout to keep track of all this vital information, surely it requires some sort of power source that’s going to suck up your resources. Nope! The power source is you! There’s no need to plug one of these bikes in, simply get on and start pedaling. Once you’re finished, the machine will turn off again just by you slowing your pedals to a stop.


Thomas Edison would be so proud of you.


At Fitness Expo, we carry nearly a dozen models from some of the most respected companies in the industry. This means you’ve got options, all of which are gym-quality pieces of machinery. And if you don’t want to lug the bike home in your SUV, we offer in-home delivery service.


With your recumbent bike, you can work out while you watch TV or read a book. Can’t do that riding a bicycle!