Largest Fitness Equipment Store in Mississippi

Largest Fitness Equipment Store in Mississippi

The Rice family opened up the first Fitness Expo showroom nearly 35 years ago in the 80s back when the fitness industry was just starting to embed itself into the national consciousness. 

Opening the store ended up being the right move, and to this day, the Rice family continues to offer the best brands and fitness equipment for sale in Mississippi. In fact, they operate one of the largest fitness equipment stores in all of Mississippi.

It’s fairly common knowledge that fitness equipment is especially important when you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but not many people know where they should start when they’re looking for fitness equipment for sale. In some cases, those people end up with low-quality or far overpriced workout gear. 

However, those in Mississippi already have a one-stop spot for all the best equipment and workout machines available in the country: the Fitness Expo in Jackson, MS. 

This location has a wide array of options to help meet and exceed your fitness and health goals, whether those goals are to tone your body, lose weight, bulk up, or any combination of fitness achievements you might be aiming for. Likewise, we invite you to give our showroom equipment a try before to know what will work best for you. 

Each of our machines is designed with maximum efficacy in mind and they work great that does not make you uncomfortable during your workouts. 

Our massive selection offers many different types of gym equipment from brands like Helix, Precor, LeMond, and even more. We do everything in our power to ensure you have as many options as possible when searching for fitness gear whether you need a single station, weights for at-home exercising, a treadmill, or accessories to augment your workouts.

With Fitness Expo, we make sure every customer receives quality experience when it comes to their home exercise equipment. 

We offer home fitness gym equipment brands for sale guaranteed to make working out in your home as comfortable, safe, and effective as possible. 

We believe fitness shouldn’t mean you’re forced to visit the gym or go to a health center. With our selection of products, you can maintain your fitness without ever having to leave your home.

You Have Options in Fitness & Exercise Equipment

In case you’re worried about what kinds of residential fitness equipment we carry, our options cover a wide range, including but not limited to:

Furthermore, our selection boasts only the best brands in fitness and exercise equipment, including excellent options from:

  • Stairmaster
  • Precor
  • Matrix
  • Powerblock
  • Spri
  • Torque
  • Helix
  • Horizon
  • Inspire
  • LeMond
  • LifeCore
  • Octane

Although most of the brands above are customer favorites, if there is a specific brand or piece of equipment you are looking for but you don’t see it here or in our stores, just ask.

We’ll be glad to help find exactly what you’re looking for. 

All Kinds of Fitness Equipment for Mississippi

We can’t stress enough the importance of healthy living, and that includes physical activity. With the selection at our Mississippi Fitness Expo location in Jackson, you can individualize your workout routine to fit your busy life. 

Additionally, those who operate professional, public, or multi-machine gyms will find our equipment perfect for physical education at schools, apartments or condos, training centers, or any other shared gym. We have the equipment to meet any and all of your needs. 

If you’re skeptical about the fitness equipment for sale in our showroom, we think you ought to come see and try it all for yourself. 

When you visit, you can test demo machines, gear, and accessories to further ensure you make the right choice. If you’re still unsure whether certain fitness equipment will help or if you just have questions or concerns, we invite you to ask any fitness or equipment questions you might have. 

Our staff is highly knowledgeable in all things fitness, gym equipment, and more – chances are also good they’ll have excellent diet advice as well. 

When you’re ready to start your fitness journey toward a more active, longer life, come to Fitness Expo in Mississippi right away. 

You no longer have to join gyms (that you won’t ever visit) or go to public outdoor (potentially unsanitary) locations to achieve a fit life. 

With Fitness Expo, you can meet your goals from home or wherever else you might want a gym. Visit or contact us today to get started.