New LateralX Elliptical Completely Reinvents Cross Training

New LateralX Elliptical Completely Reinvents Cross Training

The LateralX Elliptical is the latest line from Octane Fitness that has gained a lot of buzz. Here at Fitness Expo Stores, we have seen the orders for this product increase and that is thanks to the fact that this model completely reinvents cross training. No longer will your workouts be the same as before.

The LateralX Elliptical utilizes 10 varying planes of motion which are designed to create confusion in the muscles which heightens the effectiveness of the workout. This in turn allows the user to build strength more rapidly. The motion experience on the LateralX Elliptical is a three dimensional experience that ranges from the traditional vertical elliptical motion to a side stepping motion. The motion changes are initiated automatically so that the user is not in control and is forced to workout more intensely.

A research study sponsored by a university has indicated that this unique motion adjustment feature allows users to burn up 27 percent more calories in a workout as compared to a traditional elliptical. The LateralX Elliptical also causes users to undergo a 30 percent increase in hip abduction and knee extension when put in comparison with a traditional elliptical. The difference means that the LateralX Elliptical delivers a far more effective workout than the traditional elliptical.

The machine also features a number of different programs that are designed to provide targeted workouts to specific muscle groups. These options help users to focus on their target muscle groups. This is also ideal for users that are looking to tone certain areas of the body or are looking to use the machine in order to lose weight.If you are looking for a revolutionary machine for your health club, the LateralX Elliptical is prepared to deliver.

All of these new feature come with the same warranties and quality materials to be expected from the Octane Fitness brand. Fitness Expo Stores has receive some very positive feedback from people who have tried this machine.

Do you want to experience the difference of the LateralX Elliptical? Check out the product page for this model and place your orders withe Fitness Expo Stores today!