The Life Core Equipment

When it comes to fitness equipment, one of the names that you can trust is LifeCore. Based in California, LifeCore Fitness Inc. has 15 years of experience as a manufacturer and retailer of exercise equipment. LifeCore is known for quality performance, durability, and innovation, making them one of the leaders in the industry. Here are the types of fitness equipment that Life Core offers:

Rowing Machines
Rowing machines are becoming among the most widely used gym equipment mainly because these machines offer a lot of health benefits and provide a full body workout.

Rowing machines help tone your upper body. In fact, these machines are among the best equipment to use by women with sagging arms. In addition, rowing machines also condition the lower body. Since 74% of the force comes from the hips and the legs, rowing machines help you have toned legs and solid thighs.

If you want to strengthen your abs, using rowing machines is also a great choice. If used properly and diligently, these machines allow you to strengthen your inner core muscles and have a six-pack.

Recumbent Bikes
Life Core is also known as one of the leading manufacturers of recumbent bikes. Recumbent bikes are a great choice if you are looking for aerobic exercise equipment. Since this equipment has adjustable resistance, recumbent exercise bikes are great for people at every fitness level. If you want a more rigorous or challenging training, you can adjust the machine’s resistance to simulate doing an uphill climb.

Elliptical Machines
If you previously had knees injury or are suffering from joint pain, then among the best exercise equipment for you are low-impact exercise machines such as elliptical machines. As with other fitness equipment, elliptical machines are designed to help you tone your arms, butt, and legs; and improve your mental and cardio health without having to suffer from too much joint pain. With Life Core elliptical machines, you can jog, walk, step, or run with a touch of a button. What’s more, with models like the VST-V8, you can adjust the stride and the movement of the machine according to your fitness needs.

Home Gyms
Life Core is also well-known in the industry for their home gyms. Home gym equipment is a fitness equipment that provides various exercises. With a home gym, you can get all the benefits of various equipment, such as a treadmill, elliptical machines, free weights and bikes in one equipment. Home gym equipment is also the best equipment for those who do not have enough space to store various bulky fitness equipment. A home gym machine can accommodate up to four people working out at the same time.

Life Core is known not only for their quality and durable products but also known for providing innovative equipment that allows you to monitor your heart rate, the calories you burned, or the distance you traveled. Some equipment also has consoles that allow you to access fitness or training videos, read news or email or listen to music while working out. This allows you to have fun while burning calories.

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