The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike is the Ultimate in Comfort

Exercise bikes area are a staple in gyms everywhere but they are not exactly known for their comfort. The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike seeks to change this by improving your level of comfort as you work out. Fitness Expo Stores offers this model because it ranks highly not only for comfort but also because it can still provide you with a great workout.

The main features of the Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike exercise seat are that it has a reclining back and is made from breathable materials on the seat so that you are not left feeling hot and uncomfortable while you work out. In addition, the R3 runs quietly and is self powered so that you do not need any cords or wires while you are enjoying using the machine.

The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike has one of the most comfortable bike seats and is designed to allow you receive all of the benefits of bike riding for fitness without suffering the discomfort of sitting on a small and obtrusive bike seat.

The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike is perfect for any home gym or commercial gym and comes with a number of resistance levels and programs to help keep your workout fun and interesting. You can even use the heart rate sensors to keep track of your heart rate as you workout.

The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike will help you to target those leg muscles that need toning and will help you to keep your focus on these muscles. The side handle bars ensure correct form while you are pedaling to make sure that you stay on track.

No longer do you have to be uncomfortable while using an exercise bike. The Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike has changed all of that and is sure to change your perception ofther exercise bike.

To find out more about the Life Fitness R3 Exercise Bike, visit the product page here. Fitness Expo Stores has this product available right now.