LifeCore LC985VG: Compact Fitness Equipment with Huge Features

LifeCore LC985VG: Compact Fitness Equipment with Huge Features

Compact elliptical trainers have acquired a not-so-good reputation because of their association with cheap brands that break easily. But, like in most cases, there is always an exception – like the LifeCore LC985VG. This fitness equipment is selling like hot pancakes because of two reasons: it is compact so it’s built with smaller strides for small users and it has a small footprint for limited floor space. Hence, it is an example of a compact elliptical that is sturdy, reliable, adjustable and space-saving.

What are the features of the LifeCore LC985VG?

  1. This fitness equipment is very compact. Compactness is something most known elliptical trainers lack. The LifeCore LC985VG, because it is small and lightweight, is perfect for those who do not have enough space at home. As mentioned earlier, the LifeCore LC985VG is also perfect for men and women with average height. A word of caution, though, this equipment is not recommended for heavy people who work out vigorously. A compact elliptical will not be able to hold their weight for long. But despite that slight disadvantage, this fitness equipment has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts all over the world. The LifeCore LC985VG has two front wheels that can be used for easy transportation. You don’t have to stick to one part of the household to do your exercise routine. With this equipment, you are free to explore other places too.
  2. The LifeCore LC985VG features a user-friendly console with a LED display. It’s a welcomed relief from non-backlit displays because allow you to see the instructions clearly even while you are doing your exercise on the equipment… With such clarity, it becomes possible for you to read the time, speed, calories, watts, distance and pulse and then use the information to monitor the efficiency of your fitness plan.
  3. It is very durable and that’s supported by the fact that this fitness equipment has enclosed bearings in pivotal parts. Once the bearings are enclosed, they are protected from the elements that can cause their natural wear and tear. Using the technique of enclosure, the LifeCore LC985VG’s life lasts longer. Because the bearings are enclosed in a protective sheet, the elliptical does not require extensive and costly maintenance. It also works very quietly, allowing you to workout anytime of the day or night; and without disturbing anyone else in the household.
  4. The possibility of adjusting the machine’s foot pedals makes it possible for you to change the positioning that matches your stride. This way, you don’t have to ruin your posture by exercising in an awkward position using this fitness equipment. It may not provide the same level of support as the seated elliptical but at least you are assured that it supports your natural movement through the principles of ergonomics.
  5. Of course, who’s to miss the warranty? The LifeCore LC985VG provides a 5-year warranty on parts and a year’s worth of warranty on the labor. That’s actually a bonus given the cost of the equipment.

The LifeCore LC985VG is not just another run-of-the-mill device that becomes irreparable after only a few months of use. This fitness equipment has been created for durability and quality. LifeCore continues to show their excellence in this compact elliptical trainer.

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