LifeCore LCR100 – Get to Know Your Heart

Rowing machines are a good way to build up heart health. Combining strength-training resistance designed exercises with the steady motions that promote an elevated cardiovascular state, they improve endurance and heart health in equal measure. The LifeCore LCR100 is a rowing machine designed specifically for those cross-trainers and fitness enthusiasts who want to keep a close eye on their cardiovascular health by getting to know their heart.

LifeCore LCR100 fitness rowing machines can be bought at Fitness Expo stores across Louisiana and in Jackson, MS. The staff there can show you the many ways that the LifeCore LCR100 can help you monitor and improve your heart health.

The core of the heart-monitoring system is in the computer, of course. Coming with a large screen LCD display, it offers blue or green light for optimal viewing in any lighting condition, and is visible at any part of the rowing experience, meaning it’s easy to keep track of your heart’s condition during an exercise routine. Your heartbeat is monitored by an integral chest strap, rather than a less-secure clip on or easily-tarnished metal handgrip.

Next are the heart-rate control programs. Preprogrammed routines that will allow you to monitor and adjust your heart rate with variable exercise, these are equally central to users’ ability to get the most out of the machine’s benefits.

Similarly, the computer can store up to four distinct profiles for each of its users. These keep data, allowing users to choose favorite heart control programs and workout routines. Further, they allow the user to compare current and past statistics, allowing them to chart their progress and plateaus, improving the quality of their training by providing precise data.

Improving heart health is an important part of many exercise routines. It doesn’t matter how strong you become if you can’t sustain a workout with your new strength, after all. The LifeCore LCR100 provides the ability to improve cardiovascular health and endurance in a graduated way, letting its users keep a close eye on their progress with a number of monitoring methods. With more information comes more control, making the LCR100 a great rowing machine of choice.