List of the Most Popular Exercise Fitness Equipment in Mississippi

List of the Most Popular Exercise Fitness Equipment in Mississippi

When it comes to choosing exercise fitness equipment from our Fitness Expo Stores, it’s not that easy making a decision on what to choose. 

However, since our most popular exercise equipment are also our most functional, why wouldn’t you want a reference of just that – our most popular exercise fitness equipment? 

Let’s get started: 

  • OCTANE XR4 – This recumbent bike is great for anyone no matter the fitness level or biking skill. It has a large display screen designed to give you insights on your limits, stats, and general workout data. The screen also has features that will enhance your workout. There are a variety of different ways you can use this machine, with 15 seat height positions, five tilt settings, etc. It has 20 different resistant levels for a great cardio experience.
  • PRECOR AMT813 – Precor’s adaptive motion trainer is one of the most innovative of its brand. It has a longer stride length and a fixed height to give every kind of fitness level a wide range of motion. It responds to the user’s natural movements, so all that the user needs to do is change the way they move their bodies, and it will move accordingly. 
  • LIFE FITNESS GSC TRAINER – Life Fitness GSC Trainer lets users glide, stride, and climb with their very own fun cardio exercise. Its durable components combined with the Discover SE3 console offer users a completely different experience than other ARC trainers with its three different modes. It lets users adjust whenever it is necessary.
  • PRECOR STRETCH TRAINER 240i – Precor’s new stretch trainer is the best of its kind. This high-quality trainer is ideal for both commercial and residential use. Also, this machine isn’t designed simply for pre-workout stretches, it’s also designed for post-workout stretches as well. If you stretch daily using this, you will increase your flexibility, coordination, and overall athletic ability.
  • PRECOR EFX885 ELLIPTICAL – This machine made by Precor, one of the best fitness equipment companies, is a fully intuitive elliptical machine. It’s made not only with physical fitness in mind but utility as well. This is especially evident with the inclusion of an excellent tracking system designed by Precor Fitness that helps monitor particularly important information regarding your workout and fitness, such as total distance, calories per minute, and more. The machine is made with comfort in mind, so it comes with a complimentary accessories holder that can hold your water bottles, handbags, or anything. 
  • VECTRA VFT 100 – This versatile fitness trainer by Vectra Fitness is made for almost every muscle group in your body. With the VFT100, you have at least 50 different options on how to exercise. Functional training lets you train your muscles to work together to meet life’s constant everyday demands. When used optimally, it can help you on so many levels, and not just physically. It can help you teach your muscles to work together in certain situations with its multiple varied positions. Because of this, the machine will help you achieve equilibrium with your muscle mass, ensuring that you don’t end up looking like you skipped leg day ever again.
  • POWERBLOCK SET 70 STAGE 1, 5-40 LBS – This free weights system designed by Powerblock diminishes the need for several different weighted dumbbells, as the system for this contraption is quick to change, adjustable dumbbells. Nobody likes clutter, and this dumbbell will reduce your clutter in your exercise area. Instead of having a room filled with dumbbells, you can have just one dumbbell that can be used in around 35 different ways.
  • WATERROWER M1 HiRISE ROWING MACHINE – The WaterRower brand is the best brand when it comes to rowing machines since all of their efforts go into making these rowing machines. The WaterRower M1 Hirise gives any level user a fun rowing experience, which will slowly but surely increase the user’s endurance and stamina.

With this knowledge, I hope that it is easier now to choose a fitness machine for your house or commercial area. 

All of these machines are wonderful at doing what they do, but if these what you want, you can always browse our Fitness Expo site or better yet, visit our Mississippi store today!