Losing Weight And Your Body Type

Losing Weight And Your Body Type

There are 3 body types that human beings can have. Most humans can identify their body type and place themselves into one of the three categories, also known as somato types. These different somatotypes vary in shape and size.

Knowing what category you fall under is helpful because it allows you to focus on weight loss strategies recommended for that body type. If you’re in the recommended body-composition range for your body type, then you’re healthy and have nothing to worry about. What you’d like your body composition goal to be is ultimately your decision. For instance – a professional figure skater would aim to have a lower body-fat percentage than a football player. But, keep in mind – you should never set your sights to having zero percent body fat and when it comes to body fat, lower is not always better.

Naturally, women have more fat than men do. For women, optimal health can be found at the body fat range of 14%-30%. But for men, optimal health can be found at 6%-25% body fat. Don’t focus on losing every last ounce of fat. If you’ve already got low body fat, and you lose too much, you could get sick.

Each body type loses weight in different ways. Identify your body type and the best way for you to lose weight considering that information, below:


Ectomorphs can be described with a couple of key features:

  • Long, not particularly muscular limbs
  • These people are often “skinny fat”. This means they’re small in size and low in weight yet still have a relatively high body fat.

The fast metabolism that ectomorphs possess makes them the most resistant to gaining weight out of the 3 body types. This means that ectomorphs can overeat very often and gain little to no weight. Ectomorphs usually don’t appear to have considerable body fat, don’t have much muscle, and are small in body frame.

Losing weight through training as an ectomorph is best accomplished through focus on power and resistance training. You can find guides on performing resistance training online, but most of them require the use of a set of free weights. You can find high quality and affordable free weights here: https://www.fitnessexpostores.com/product-category/residential/free-weights/

When it comes to losing weight by controlling your diet as an ectomorph, focus on eating good quality fats with moderate intakes of protein – somewhere in the area of 25 grams to 30 grams of protein per meal. This, paired with good quality carbohydrates will help you cut body fat and build strength. On days that you aren’t exercising, skip any pretraining or morning snack. Breakfast should be enough to get you to lunch. If you insist on an afternoon snack, opt for a dinner lighter on protein than was previously stated.


Mesomorphs are capable of losing and gaining weight fairly easily, and building muscle quickly. Mesomorphs tend to have an upright posture, as well as a long torso and short limbs, and also tend to be strong and athletic. People with the mesomorph body type excel in “explosive sports”, which means sports that require power and speed. Examples of explosive sports can be found below:

  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Track & Field
  • Weight Lifting

The reason that mesomorphs excel in these types of sports is fairly simple; the type of muscle they possess is better compared to other body types. Due to the high percentage of fast-twitch fibers in the muscle of mesomorphs, they’re able to build muscle mass faster and more efficiently than any other body type.

The genetic makeup of the muscles of mesomorphs is well suited for strength, power, and speed. Losing weight and building muscle for mesomorphs is done best through body strength training exercises. Body strength training exercises requires accessories to avoid getting injuries on the hands and other parts of the body. Find these necessary accessories here: https://www.fitnessexpostores.com/product-category/residential/accessories/


Endomorphs are generally softer, rounder, and tend to store fat easier than the other 2 body types. People that are endomorphs tend to be curvy and full figured, and usually have a hard time keeping their body-fat percentage in an area they’d like. The most unfortunate part of trying to lose weight as an endomorph is being one. Once you know that you’re an endomorph, with an understanding on how you gain weight, you may find it difficult to cope with.

The metabolism of an endomorph is an unforgiving one. But, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for endomorphs to lose weight. To lose weight, endomorphs must make a devoted effort to do things that the body does automatically for the other body types.

As an endomorph, and knowing that your metabolism is sluggish, you must eat the right foods to lose weight keeping your metabolism in mind. When it comes to training as an endomorph, high-intensity activities are a must. Endurance and body-strength training like crossfit is great. So are free weights, which were discussed above. Endomorphs should eat good quality fats and proteins, and they must limit their intake of carbohydrates to gain lean-mass and lose unwanted body fat. Consider a healthy breakfast in the morning. The best breakfast foods for losing weight, according to EatingWell.com are as follows:

  1. Raspberries – Provide over 8 grams of fiber
  2. Oatmeal – Features “slow-release” carbohydrates that have proven to help lose weight during exercise
  3. Yogurt – Packed with protein, and also delicious! Try pairing with raspberries or oatmeal
  4. Peanut Butter – Feature “slow-release” carbs to help promote weight loss
  5. Eggs – Packed with protein and can help the dieter to feel more full longer

As an endomorph, eating breakfast that contains the above ingredients is a surefire way to lose unwanted body-fat and gain sought after lean-mass.

Each different body type loses weight in different ways. To lose weight, consider your body type, and apply the tips listed above to reach your body-composition goal.