Make A Move In The Right Direction With The LX8000 Lateral Elliptical

Make A Move In The Right Direction With The LX8000 Lateral Elliptical

The LX8000 Lateral Elliptical is a move in the right direction for your workout regime. Let this exercise unit move you up and down, side to side and forward and back. This one machine can give you full muscle conditioning and a whole body workout.


The Octane LX8000 Lateral Elliptical offers two consoles to fit your needs. The first console offers a 15-inch widescreen with touch screen navigation and an Intel Atom processor. Track your workout statistics with the split screen that can also display entertainment. The workout view can be selected and you also have access to the CROSS CiRCUIT and Booster videos and views, which are interactive. The workout view gives you track, bar chart and heart rate views. The wireless heart rate can be monitored by Polar and ANT+. Each console comes with a three speed fan as well.


The second console offers a message center with a large LED display. View all your important workout data at the same time with the ease of adjustable 3-D motion. This console provides 10 lateral width adjustments and 13 workout programs as well as 30 levels of resistance. The console is ready for wireless heart rate monitoring and has digital contact sensors for monitoring your heart rate as well. Each console comes with a three-speed fan and is self-powered. You can add a personal viewing screen and make it wireless with 900Mhz capability.


The LX8000 Lateral Elliptical combines elliptical movement with lateral movement. The combination of these movements create muscle confusion which is a functional way to build stamina, endurance and coordination. The lateral movement increases your calorie burn going from 1 to a 10 in lateral width. Change from the lateral movements to a stepping movement, which adds variety of movement for a more stimulating routine.


Get a full body workout with the upper-body ergonomics of the patented Converging Path and MultiGrip handlebars. Target different chest, arm, and back muscles by just changing your grip. The handlebars also have contact heart rate sensors and you can easily adjust the speed and resistance with fingertip controls. The Converging Path handlebars make the workout easier to handle and maintain with the natural path of the arms being followed just as if you were walking, running or moving side to side.


The LX800 Lateral Elliptical fits into any area of your home gym. It has a low step-up height and rear access for simple use by any member of the family. Multiple exercise programs standard with the consoles allow you to customize the routine for each user.


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