Make the Precor 9.31 Treadmill Part of your New Year’s Resolutions

Make the Precor 9.31 Treadmill Part of your New Year’s Resolutions

With the new year upon us, many of us want to have a healthier year, lose weight, run a marathon, or just get moving a little more. The Precor 9.31 treadmill has a performance level that will help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you choose this machine because of the Ground Effects, the Integrated Footplant technology or the way it supports every step you take, the Precor 9.31 treadmill may just be the piece of home equipment you need.


The Ground Effects Impact Control System will give you the same support as the machines you would use in a brick and mortar gym. This treadmill is built with the same technology, but gives you the ability to work out in the comfort of your own home. From preventing injury, to less stress on your joints, to absorbing the shock of each step, this treadmill is designed to make your work out the most comfortable it can be. Your weight determines how much extra cushion the deck gives you and your step. No matter how long your stride is, how you push-off the Ground Effects Impact Control System makes the workout easier for you.


The Integrated Footplant Technology takes into account that the speed of your stride changes often while you are running. This technology adjusts to that speed, making it a smoother run from beginning to end. This allows for a more natural and rhythmic stride. Normally, a treadmill will pull and drag with each step. This can cause discomfort and pain. With this technology, you no longer have this painful process.


The console is streamlined to fit onto the treadmill gracefully. You have the ability to password protect your console to keep children from playing on it and hurting themselves. There are multiple preset programs, from a single mile to a 5K for training for a mini-marathon, to a weight loss program.


Adding a treadmill to your workout can improve your cardio health. Taking your workout indoors makes it easier to maintain your fitness during the winter months, so when the summer months arrive, you are in great shape to take your training outside.


Not sure if this treadmill is for you? Come into either our Louisiana stores or our Mississippi stores and give us the opportunity to find a machine that works for you. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will take you through the pros and cons of every treadmill we have in stock to make sure you have one that will work best for you.


After finding the right piece of equipment within our store, we will deliver the equipment to your home. Once there, we will help you reach a level of comfort with your new workout piece that you will be satisfied with. If any questions come up, or you have any issues with your new home gym piece, we will help you with everything. We look forward to helping you. It is our goal to help you reach your health and fitness goals.