Make Working Out At Home Easier With TF20 Classic

Make Working Out At Home Easier With TF20 Classic

The TF20 Classic is designed for running unlike other treadmills thanks to the high speed options and larger surface area. Now working out is easier with the TF20 Classic as it can be difficult to find a treadmill option that will support a training session that involves running.


Fitness Expo Stores offers a number of options when to comes to high performance treadmills. The TF20 Classic stands out thanks to its unique features and design.


Designed for Running


The TF20 Classic has a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour which equals roughly a pace of 5 minutes per mile. The larger surface of the treadmill is built specifically to handle the longer strides that need to be taken while running. In addition, the TF20 Classic also has settings that will allow the user to mimic the incline of hills while running. The TF20 Classic is designed to increase in incline up to 15% which will increase the efficiency of the workout.


Customization Options


Many people that buy treadmills want a lot of customizations. Running on a treadmill can get boring after awhile. In addition, workouts always need to be challenging in order to increase the user’s fitness level. The TF20 Classic offers several program options that are designed to offer pre-made workouts. The treadmill program options will automatically change the speed and incline of the treadmill in order to create a workout that is based on the user’s heart rate. The TF20 Classic features 5 unique programs.


The TF20 Classic also offers an easy to read display that make it simple to change the settings on the machine during, before or after the workout. The program options can be changed with just the click of a button.


Durability and Construction


When it comes to treadmills that are designed for regular use, the TF20 Classic is made from high quality parts that will make it a joy to use on a regular basis. The TF20 Classic offers a motor will 2.75 horsepower. In addition, the TF20 Classic has a 2-ply belt which will provide good support for a single user with moderate usage of the treadmill.


Work Out at Home When the Weather is Bad


The TF20 Classic is an excellent option for staying motivated to work out when the weather conditions outdoors make running extremely unpleasant. In addition, the TF20 Classic is designed to stand up to the constant wear and tear that comes with running. For an excellent workout, the TF20 Classic offers a number of features that make this treadmill a good option for running workouts.


If you need help with selecting a treadmill for your home, a fitness equipment expert at Fitness Expo Stores can help. Click here to request assistance today or leave your questions regarding the TF20 Classic in the comments below.