Move Your Home Gym in a New Direction

Move Your Home Gym in a New Direction

There are lots of exercise machines to choose from when building your home gym: treadmills are a great staple for your morning run, ellipticals get the job done with low impact strides, and stair trainers let you perform deep lunges to work your glutes and hamstrings.

All of these machines can get a little boring, though, as they all go in only two basic directions: up and down, or front and back. They don’t take into account body mechanics and the fact that people don’t just move up and down, or front and back. We are three dimensional creatures and we move in a 3-D space. That means up and down, front and back, AND side to side!

Think of a professional hockey player. Do they just move their legs back and forth to propel themselves across the ice? No! Their hips and legs move laterally, helping them generate great bursts of speed. The track runner doesn’t just stand up from the starting blocks and start moving their feet front and back. Their legs push off laterally AS they go front and back.

3-D movements. It’s the way we move in our world.
It’s because of this three dimensional movement that Fitness Expo is proud to bring the people of Louisiana and Missouri the all new Lateral X.

Come to any of our four showrooms and check out the innovative new technology that allows you to move in a whole new direction. It has ten degrees of lateral movement, from vertical to an athletic lateral lunge. Most machines work just your quads and hamstrings, but lateral motion helps with inner and outer thigh muscles like your adductors and I.T. Band. You can even grab the inner handles and drop into a squat, working your core as you take your lateral strides.

This machine is great for beginners with its non-existent learning curve, and pros can get the type of workout they use in their sports profession, rehab training, or even a casual workout. Why limit yourself with only moving along a single plane? The Lateral X lets you move your gym in a whole new direction.