Must-have Home Gym Features

Must-have Home Gym Features

When it comes to home gyms, finding a home gym that is ergonomically correct and can help you to strengthen your core and build muscle is not a difficult task if you go with Fitness Expo Stores. With a home gym, you can get all of the benefits of exercising at a health club without having to leave your home. Now training at home can be just as effective, if not more so than training in a health club due to the wide variety of exercise options that a home gym has to offer. Here are some of the must-have home gym features that are offered by the home gym models available from Fitness Expo Stores.


Vectra Home Gyms


Fitness Expo Stores offers a number of home gyms from Vectra including 1450. Most gyms that are available are chair-based home gyms. However, 1450 offers a full range of exercises and is bench-based. A bench-based home gym will make it possible for you to do exercises with dumbbells. In addition, the bench station does not have to be used so that users are free to do other exercises such as calf raises, squats, shrugs and dips.


Vectra home gyms remain bestsellers, including the VX38 and 1650 thanks to the customization options. The 1650 model includes a 7 position bench that will allow Fixed or Free-Weight. This means that users can do completely different workouts on a single piece of equipment.


Precor Home Gyms


Fitness Expo Stores offers a number of home gyms from Precor that are designed with a unique pulley system to help strengthen our core. You also get the option to do a wide variety of upper and lower body exercises. The Precor 3.23 offers exceptions customizations because of the fact that the pulleys can be adjusted to 30 different start positions.


G7 Home Gym


Other home gyms such as the G7 home gym offer a pulley system. The G7 goes further to allow you to create your own workouts as well as track your progress. If you are training at home with goals in mind, the G7 can help you to bring it all today.


To get even more from your home gym, several models available from Fitness Expo Stores offer additional accessories such as straps, exercise balls, and weight stacks. This equipment is essential for helping you to meet your fitness goals once you are ready to go beyond the basics.


When it comes to home gyms, the possibilities for workouts are almost endless. Therefore, you should select a home gym based on your goals for your training. By ensuring that your workout equipment will meet all of your needs, you can continue to train at home for years to come all while you continue to get stronger every day.


Are you looking for a comprehensive home gym? Fitness Expo Stores has just what you are looking for. Click here to view the complete range of home gyms that are currently available for sale.