New Years Fitness Resolutions That Are Impossible to Keep

New Years Fitness Resolutions That Are Impossible to Keep

New Years fitness resolutions sound good when you make them, especially if you spent the night imbibing. But a couple of weeks later, they start to fall flat. This often happens when you set lofty goals that are impossible to maintain.

Consider some of these New Years fitness resolutions that are almost impossible to keep and how you can revise them to achieve your fitness goals.


I Want to Go On a Diet


Dieting is a word that inspires dread, disappointment, and deprivation. A lifestyle change is a much better way to look at making healthier choices. A diet restricts your behavior and becomes drudgery after a couple of weeks. Instead, make small changes that add up to big ones over time. Swap out fried foods for broiled or baked ones.

Eat fruit for breakfast rather than a doughnut or roll. Drink water instead of juices and soda. Don’t add sugar to your coffee or tea. Soon these behaviors will become part of your daily routine, helping you to reduce calories and shed unwanted pounds. That definitely sounds better than a diet!


I Will Go To the Gym Every Day


Gyms run specials for the new year because they know they will get members who have the same resolutions as you. Unfortunately, less than half of these paying members will be going to the gym in just one month. Instead of trying to go to a gym every day, start small. Take a 15-minute walk after dinner every night.

Get a treadmill and track your progress every morning. If you have just 10 minutes, try building your intensity. The Horizon Elite T7 Folding Treadmill fits into any space and helps you squeeze a workout into your hectic morning. This boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories throughout the day. Plus, it’s easy to fit into your schedule. And you can even take off weekends. These are more attainable goals.


I Will Cook Health Meals Every Day


Life happens and cooking might not fit into your schedule every day. While it sounds great, it is another unattainable goal. Instead, keep ready made salad and chicken handy in the refrigerator so you always have a quick meal. Make vegetable soup on the weekend and serve it during the week for lunch or dinner.

Cooking ahead gives you control over what you eat without the need to slave over a stove all the time. If you stop for fast food in a pinch, make better choices. Avoid fries, shakes, and soda. Opt for grilled chicken or a small burger without the bun. Have a side salad and water or diet soda. You can rush around without feeling all the guilt.


I Will Never Eat Salt, Sugar, Carbohydrates, Etc.


Ruling out certain foods is unrealistic. Instead, choose to minimize your intake of unhealthy foods. Start by eliminating one unhealthy habit at a time, such as a cake before bed or a bagel for breakfast. When you no longer miss that indulgence, move onto the next one. This helps you reduce cravings and adopt better choices without feeling stressed or deprived.