Octane xR6 – Smooth and Sustained Workouts

Elliptical trainers provide a comprehensive total body workout, and the Octane xR6 takes this a step further with its ergonomic recumbent design. This makes it a very low impact exercise machine, making it easy to get a solid cardio workout while you are sitting. It produces a smooth motion that makes sustaining the duration of your exercise routines easy at every level of fitness.

The recumbent position reduces the pressure on your knees and ankles, while allowing you to push the oversized, soft grip pedals comfortably. This is combined with the integrated push-pull action of the moving handlebars to efficiently extend the effects of using the xR6 to the upper body to burn the maximum amount of calories. The built-in stationary foot pegs also let you focus specifically on your upper body workouts, increasing the versatility and making it a practical choice for a domestic exercise machine.

The practicality is extended by the option to use the chest and leg press routines that provide additional strength training to augment the aerobic exercise of a traditional elliptical trainer. The seat is fully adjustable, with 20 height and 5 tilt settings, so that it is suitable for everyone. The sitting position of the xR6 is unique, and has been designed to be suitable for people with back problems. The easy-to-mount step-through design also makes the xR6 more accessible to people who are recovering from an injury, or who have limited fitness.

There is a range of heart rate programs, as well as customizable interval programs. The unique 30:30 interval program is provided as a standard inclusion with Octane exercise machines, and makes it easy for you to test your fitness level, and to monitor the effectiveness of your workout. The showroom staff at Fitness Expo is qualified to show you how to use these features to get the maximum benefit from using the Octane rX6. With its durable and ergonomic design and reasonably small footprint, it is a sensible choice for a domestic exercise machine that will provide workout options for a wide range of fitness levels, and that will make it practical to use for everyone in your home, whatever their level of fitness or workout goals.