Octane xR6 – Smooth and Sustained Workouts

Octane xR6 – Smooth and Sustained Workouts

As we’ve said before, comfort is key to a very good workout. Sure, a workout can leave you sore and hot, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable during the process. The Octane xR6 is a seated elliptical engineered to give you the ease of use and body support that makes a workout not just effective, but comfortable to get through.

The xR6 is designed so that each motion of the pedals and the push-pull handlebars is smooth and easy to complete. No jerking them past the initial resistance here, just an easy and straightforward ride to start with. Like all ellipticals, this gives you a full body workout to maximize your fitness results.

You can see the full body workout demonstrated at Fitness Expo stores. With locations in Jackson, Mississippi, and Metairie, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and Kenner in Louisiana, there are plenty of locations for you to visit and get a hands-on demonstration with knowledgeable and friendly Fitness Expo staff.

Your xR6 experience is customizable to your needs. You can select from 20 different seat height adjustments and 5 seat tilt positions to get the posture that best suits your comfort level, and the contoured seat back makes your experience a well-supported one. The xR6 has a low step through design, making it easy to mount up and start working out.

You also have the option to choose from several preprogrammed exercise routines, letting you pick the specific program that will work the best for your daily needs. These include the 30:30 performance program that tests your fitness level, allowing you to chart your progress over several weeks. Or you can choose from heart rate controlled programs that monitor your heart rate and provide a workout intensity suited to your fitness level.

Elliptical machines produce an activity in between running and biking. Not only does this work out your entire body, it also works out a wider variety of muscles than either activity alone. This makes an elliptical great for multi-discipline sports competitors, or for people who like to vary up their workout routines. The workout is gentler on the lower body and back than running and ellipicals are often recommended as good rehab machines too.