Pacemaster Silver Select XP – Sophisticated Precision for Your Workout

Pacemaster Silver Select XP – Sophisticated Precision for Your Workout

You will always get the most out of your workouts when you’re using a machine precisely engineered for the kind of workout you’re doing. Every machine offers benefits, of course, but ones with specific qualities can help you get the absolute best results. That’s why the Pacemaster Silver Select XP treadmill has so many features geared toward making your running exercise the best in the business.


The Pacemaster is for sale at the Fitness Expo stores in Louisiana and Mississippi. Kenner, Jackson, Metairie, Baton Rouge, Mandeville and Shreveport each have a Fitness Expo store that customers can visit to learn more about this device. As a bonus, Fitness Expo staff are highly trained in health, body mechanics, and exercise fundamentals and can help you learn about how to get the most out of your treadmill’s features.


The Silver Select is engineered to make running as comfortable as possible. The 60” running surface can accommodate almost any length of stride, while the orthopedic belt and highly cushioned shock system minimize any strain on your joints from a running workout.


Silver Select treadmills come with seven pre-programmed workouts to give you plenty of variety in your exercise. In addition, you can choose from four heart-conditioning workouts, aided by the heart monitoring software in the console.


Workouts are made versatile by including two customizable programs so you can design the kind of running route you prefer or need. Flat and fast? Not a proble. Want to include some hillwork in your run? The incline of the treadmill lifts from flat to a 15% grade, adjustable in .5% increments, and the console includes easy-to-use buttons so you don’t have to interrupt a hard run to adjust the speed on the go.


In short, the Silver Select gives you a wide range of options to make your workout exactly what you need. Programmable exercise routines, state of the art cushioning, precise treadmill adjustments, and easy to use console displays allow you to take control of your workout and adjust the intensity of your run on the run. There aren’t many treadmills better than this, so ask your local Fitness Expo staff to show you these features in person.