Personalize your training system with the Vision S7100 Elliptical Trainer

Personalize your training system with the Vision S7100 Elliptical Trainer

Many of us want to help charity, and running a marathon while doing a good deed is often a way to handle to help charity and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Preparation for a marathon can be time consuming, even if you are doing it purely for the charity aspect. Having an in-home gym is a perfect way to prepare for any type of run, as well as promote weight loss and muscle tone in the off season.

The Vision S7100 elliptical trainer is an excellent addition to an in-home gym. The friendly and knowledgeable staff at Fitness Expo in Shreveport, Louisiana would be happy to help you test out this new piece of equipment and set it up for you at home. The Vision S7100 elliptical trainer can help you train for the Joe Delaney Dash for charity in September.

The Vision S7100 elliptical trainer is designed to target multiple muscle groups for a full workout. This model is smaller than the normal suspension ellipticals, allowing for a smoother, more natural movement in your workout. This smaller machine is more space-friendly for home gyms that are limited on space.

The many features for this smaller version of the Vision S7200HRT make training for a marathon easier for people of all different levels of ability. The low step-up height allows for easier on and off access that can be helpful for someone who is not able to lift the legs as high as others are able to. The rear hand grips also help for easy on and off. The front drive system is out of the way, another feature allowing for easier up and down.

The multi-position hand grips keep the user upright so that they can use the machine properly and gain the full benefit of their workout. The grips also allow emphasis on different muscle groups, as well as give a variety to each workout.

The knowledgeable staff of Fitness Expo can help you decide which of the two console options for this machine to choose from. The deluxe console offers a scrolling message bar, with eight workout programs and twenty resistance levels. The premier console option give users three more feedback windows than the deluxe console. The twenty resistance levels are maintained, with an additional ten programs over the deluxe console, to include five custom programs. Both consoles are equipped with the SPRINT 8® anaerobic workout program. This has been proven to provide the one of the most effective 20 minute workouts a home athlete can find.

You don’t have to prepare for just the Joe Delaney Dash to enjoy all the benefits the Vision S7100 elliptical trainer offers. Come into our Shreveport, Louisiana store, meet our friendly staff, and give us the opportunity to help you reach your fitness goals. It is our pleasure to help you make a choice that will lead to a healthy lifestyle. Whether preparing for a charity marathon, or losing a few pounds and toning up your muscles, Fitness Expo can help you make a choice that you will be happy with. We believe you will love the Vision S7100 elliptical trainer.