Precor 927 – Weight Loss Made Simple

Weight loss can be hard work, but there is no reason whatsoever that it should be a complicated undertaking. Many people over-think the matter and jump into complex routines of diets and exercises, when they could be simplifying their weight loss experience instead.

Enter the Precor 927, a treadmill that simplifies the weight loss experience by customizing it to the user’s basic needs. Precor 927 treadmills can be found at Fitness Expo stores in Louisiana, in the cities of Shreveport, Mandeville, Metairie, Baton Rouge, and Kenner, or in Jackson, Mississippi.

The 927 has a lot of advantages that make the workout process a lot simpler than you might expect. First of all, a treadmill is the simplest home exercise machine you can start with. You turn it on to the speed you feel comfortable working with, and get moving. Even a fast walk burns calories, and a steady run can melt the pounds off a user’s body in weeks.

Part of the way the Precor makes your workout simpler is the use of ground effects technology. No, we’re not talking about those nifty lights under souped up cars. Precor Ground Effects consist of extra suspension at the front of the treadmill to reduce impact, and a reinforced surface for extra support at the back. This makes the workout more like an outdoor run without having to configure any additional settings or adding any extra equipment.

Fitness Expo staff can also show users interested in buying a Precor treadmill a number of other features, each one easy to add on to an existing workout routine. These features include dedicated profiles for multiple users. This means no resetting the machine every time someone else uses it – just select your profile and go! You’ll also learn how to add extra challenges to your workout in a simple and easy way.

You can easily monitor your vitals with the simple to use heart monitoring system, letting you know at a glance how much your workout is benefiting you each time you’re on the treadmill. If you want a workout machine that’s simple and helps you reach your goal without complicated gimmicks, the 927 is definitely your machine.