Precor EFX – Special Effects Workout

The EFX is an elliptical trainer designed for people who want good results in every area. Strength training, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility – all of it can be achieved with careful use of the EFX’s assorted options.

Fitness Expo personnel in the cities of Jackson, Metairie, Shreveport, Kenner, Mandeville, and Baton Rouge can all assist users in learning about the many features of the EFX. Our staff are good at what they do, and can show you everything from selecting the appropriate EFX model to customizing your purchase once you know the type you want or need.

Cross training is of course training in multiple exercise disciplines, and the EFX is an ideal machine for this purpose.

Endurance training classically takes the form of running exercises. The traditional problem with this is that it involves repeated impacts with hard surfaces, meaning that runners can lose flexibility in their legs over time due to ongoing strain and training injury. The EFX sidesteps this, because elliptical machines are inherently low-impact. This allows users to maintain and even increase joint flexibility as they work out.

Strength training is also a core part of cross-training efforts, and every model of EFX has variable resistance modes to accommodate this desire. Upper and lower body muscles can be fully worked out with the variable routines and resistance settings. Further, since this machine moves in biomechanically tested ways, the routines produce less strain on the body than free-weights, making it a safer and more consistent way to build up muscle strength.

Building up overall cardiovascular fitness is easy with EFX machines, as they come with a suite of preprogrammed exercise routines designed to maximize benefits to the user’s heart rate. Monitoring sensors allow users to keep track of their heartbeat, thereby seeing both the intensity of a given workout and comparing it to their progress over months of training.

Each variety of the EFX trainer has special subtleties that make it a precise tool for certain people, which the friendly Fitness Expo staff can help you understand. On the whole, each machine offers very powerful benefits and a solid core workout that can form the basis of specialized training regimens or general fitness routines in equal measure.